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Over 90 destination guides from all over the world

Discover top boating destination guides in 100+ countries like Croatia, Greece, Turkey, the BVI. Search for boats in thousands of cities from the USA, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. Daily boat trips and weekly yacht charters are available to rent 24/7. It's easy to find the right yacht worldwide by boat type. Over 30000 sailboat charters, catamaran rentals and motorboats are available on Sailo. Are you looking for a boating destination to rent a party boat charter inside or outside of the USA? On Sailo you can search and find a huge inventory of different boat types in the most popular yachting destinations like the USVI, the Bahamas, or Bermuda. Also you can book suitable fishing boat charters for your family and friends or explore exotic sailing itineraries in Bali, Singapore and other boating destinations in Asia. One of Sailo's advantages is the possibility to rent a yacht charter anywhere in the world! Year round, whatever the season — you're able to choose the right boat rental all over the world! Don't hesitate and book your favorite yacht charter while it's still available!