The only detailed guide you’ll need to enjoy sailing in Milna

Your Guide to Sailing in Milna

Here are the top sailing destinations in Milna. Read on for all the scoop you need to enjoy your visit.

The village of Milna is a picturesque town in northern Brač, famous for its scenic landscape and sunsets. Sailing Milna, Croatia, is a tourist favorite due to its escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A Milna boat rental brings the original Croatian experience with welcoming locals ready to show you its many fun activities and experiences. But if you’re looking for a truly exclusive experience, a private yacht charter in Milna might be a better choice.

Whether you choose to rent a boat in Milna, or you go for a yacht charter in Milna, the island is the perfect base to explore all Croatia has to offer. From the most beautiful beaches in Europe, tasty wine and olives, and much more, let us explore fun activities in your Milna sailboat rental.

Interesting places in Milna

Milna is dotted with stone structures, cobbled streets, beautiful beaches, lush green fields, picturesque little houses, and local treats, including olive groves and vineyards. The terrain is beautiful, and the pine trees on the Adriatic Sea provide a stunning backdrop in your yacht rentals in Milna.

There are many interesting locations in Milna. Check out the 16th-century monastery carved in rock cliffs. It was used by monks, and they inhabited the monastery for centuries. Now, the monastery houses a museum with interesting artifacts, books, and astronomical tools.

Rent a boat in Milna and visit the Vidova Gora, the highest point on Brač. Tourists can hike the steep trail from Bol's town to the mountain's peak, at 778 meters above sea level (2,552 feet). Here you can see views of the island of Hvar, the Croatian mainland and, on a clear day, even Italy.

For wine tasting views, visit the Stina Winery on the waterfront in Bol. You'll taste various locally produced wines with olive oils and freshly baked bread while taking in the impressive view.

Finally, the Zmajeva Spilja is famously called the Dragon's Cave. This cave was used by monks and features historic carvings on its walls, including those of a dragon.

Top sailing destinations in Milna

Milna is a top holiday destination because of its beautiful bay, which tourists tour on their yacht charter in Milna. There are surrounding isolated islets, one of them being the nearby Veli Budihovac, with two charming gravel beaches and many hidden bathing spots. Tour this beautiful islet in your yacht rentals in Milna.

Rent a catamaran in Croatia to explore Milna beach. This is a beautiful sandy beach located on the bottom of the bay, a very suitable beach for family trips. It has long shallow water, with clean and soft sand. The beach receives lots of sunshine and is well protected from prevailing western summer winds. On the opposite side of the bay, take your Croatia sailing charter to the small pebble beach lined with crystal clear sea, clean sand and gravel, and beautiful views of the islets.

Beach Zaglav is a beautiful sandy beach near Milna, located in a wide and shallow bay, but not affected by summer western winds.

Tourists rent a yacht in Croatia to explore its serene and quiet atmosphere, restaurants and beach bars, shallow waters, fine sand and pebbles. The beach also hosts a few houses for private accommodation. The water is clean and clear here, and its beautiful, unspoiled natural surroundings makes it the perfect destination for holidays.

Top sailing destinations near Milna

The Plaza Ploce Beach is a large and popular beach located in nearby Rijeka. It has a stunning bathing bay and pebble beach, with enough space for sunbathing and swimming. It also boasts a large indoor swimming pool, with sports facilities and a diving school. Rent a boat in Rijeka to explore this beautiful beach.

The beaches of Baska are on the south side of nearby Punat, at Baska. It has sand covered in pebbles, perfect for children. There is also Stara Baska, a pleasure of truly untouched nature. Porat is located in a sheltered gulf near Malinska with two lovely, pebbly shores: Rova and Japonica. Rent a boat in Punat to explore these lovely beaches.

Get a Hvar boat rental to nearby Hvar Island. It hosts the beautiful Pokonji Dol Beach, with its relaxing and calm atmosphere. The water is turquoise, calm, and perfect for swimming. The beach is pebbly, and it hosts two wonderful restaurants serving the best fish and drinks.

The island of Split is surrounded by beautiful beaches, making Split sailing a favorite tourist pastime. Rent a boat in Split, Croatia to explore Bačvice Beach, a local favorite. The sandy beach sits near the port and is massive, so you will surely meet many tourists here. Tourists love its beachside sports such as football and rugby, and is known for its parties in a party boat rental in Milna.

Dubrovnik sailing, in nearby Dubrovnik is also a tourist favorite. Tourists in their Dubrovnik yacht charter get to explore the scenic Banje Beach, located next to the old town. You can swim in the clear water, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city walls, the old harbor, and the island Lokrum. The water is turquoise blue with pebbles and some rocky sections. The Banje Beach Restaurant attracts party lovers in their party boat charter in Milna with DJs and drinks.

Beach Borik is on the Island of Zadar, with over a kilometer-long stretch of pebble beaches. The waters have a beautiful blue sea color, perfect for swimming. The tall pine trees provide a natural shade, giving the coast a unique charm. Explore this lovely beach in a boat rental in Zadar.

Take a boat rental in Sibenik to Beach Banj, a very popular tourist destination. It boasts a unique view of the Šibenik old town, along with a bar, restaurant, playground, and other facilities.

Rent a boat in Sukosan with your children to Djecj Raj, known as “children’s paradise”. As the name implies, its shallow waters and sandy bottom is perfect for children, along with different games in the sea. The beach has showers, changing cabins, and toilets.

Finally, there is the Okrug Gornji, otherwise known as Copacabana beach. It has a long coastline stretch, blue sea colors, and clear water. Tourists love to rent a boat in Trogir to experience its unique vacation experience. It has an exuberant atmosphere, numerous beach bars, and restaurants, stores, ice cream parlors, water bouncy castles, and playgrounds for kids.

The adventure never stops in Milna

There are many exciting things to do in Milna. This lovely little Croatian village has something for you, either you’re traveling with your family or by yourself. Explore the beauty of Croatia in this beautiful village, which will always make you want to go back again.

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