Croatia Sailing Holidays

See the beaches, bays, cities, and historical landmarks in Croatia and explore the Mediterranean paradise from your boat charter.

Explore over 1000 Islands and Islets of Croatia

Croatia sailing holidays: discover Croatia by sailboat charter and visit its most exciting cities, beaches, locations, and natural treasures!

Situated on the Adriatic sea, Croatia is one the foremost destinations for tourists and sailors searching for adventure and fun. Boasting over 1000 islands, islets and reefs, Croatia is the perfect destination for all types of vacationers, whether you’re looking for mouth-watering delicacies, breathtaking beaches, mountain peaks, or exploring the blue waters of the Adriatic sea.

Croatia is steeped in thousands of years of history, architecture, and myth, backing up its idyllic geography. With over 200km of coastline, a Hvar boat rental. and thousands of places to sail to, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Sailing in Croatia

Most vacationers have reason to rent a yacht in Croatia or opt for an alternative means of transportation as they navigate the many Islands that make up. the paradise. They spend their time visiting the most famous islands, but true sailors know that the best sailing Croatia islands are more hidden. All you need to do is to rent a catamaran in Croatia and set sail.

The Istria Peninsula is the largest of Croatia’s island mass and is sprawling with quaint towns, harbors, and wineries. Towns like Rovinj and Pula are what sailing Croatia is really about. Brijuni national park is a must-see for anybody new in the area.

Islands in the Northern Adriatic don’t see as many visitors as the rest of Croatia because they are not as scenic. However, what the region lacks in intrigue, it makes up for with its sweeping landscapes, clear crystalline waters, and tons of split boat rental charters.

The Dalmatian Islands are the most visited, and many sailors will find endless months of fun navigating through the various Islands that make up the Archipelago. 89 Islands and islets is a lot to explore, and if you rent a boat in Zadar with a private skipper, they’ll take you on a tour of some of the best locations Dalmatia has to offer. You might visit Ugljan, Kornati, Zut, Jirje, and Zlarin Dugi Otok Islands– all are famous for their beaches, Croatia sailing trips, and luxury yacht charter Croatia.

The South Adriatic is a group of Islands far from the rest of Croatia with a thriving population that rivals the rest of the mainland. Several Islands are isolationist paradises that haven’t seen visitors in decades, and sailing Croatia coast for treasures like the Island of Vis is worthwhile.

Things to do in Croatia

Sailing and island hopping are the least of the things you can do in Croatia when you’re on vacation. In urban centers like Hvar and the Dalmatian Islands, you can attend organized Dubrovnik sailing trips, full-day tours, jet boarding, bus tours, and more. The food on the Island is to-die-for, and there is no shortage of picturesque beaches to visit and sunbathe at. Your sailing holidays in Croatia promise boundless fun.

If history and architecture are more your speed, you can book a Croatia sailing charter and explore the major attractions the local Islands and cities offer.

The walls of Dubrovnik is a standing medieval city wall and one of the most famous wonders of the ancient world. Palazzo di Diocleziano is a Roman palace preserved through the ages. We also recommend visiting the amphitheater de Pula, The Sea Organ, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hvar’s Old town, and the famous Museum of Illusions.

Weather in Croatia

Croatia lies in the Adriatic Sea, which means Mediterranean climate year-round. It is characterized by nearly 3000 hours of sunshine, plenty of rainfall during the wet season, and the occasional rainstorm that has been named Nevera by the locals.

May to June is peak sailing season, and the time you might want to book your sailboat charter in Croatia. It's just before the height of summer, which means the heat will be more manageable. Most of the world is on vacation from July to August, so the cost for a Croatia sailing charter and accommodation will rise during that time. If you can get away before summer, you can make the trip from October to September, just before the storms roll in.

Making the Trip

Croatia is unlike any other destination on the planet. With a thousand or so different locations to visit, you always have an adventure awaiting you with each subsequent visit. We recommend making arrangements well ahead of time. Find sailboat charters, yacht charters, and catamaran charters before touching down at a local airport. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, we also recommend hiring a local skipper. They know the best spots on all the islands, and they make excellent sailing companions.

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