Boating in the Middle of the Mediterranean Sea

Discover the Fascinating Maltese Archipelago by Boat

A destination of mythical quality, whose three most popular islands include Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

Sailing the historic waters of Malta will allow you to anchor at fishing villages, discover new beaches, and bask in the dry heat of the Mediterranean climate during your Malta boat trip. Did you know, that Malta ranks first among EU states for the clear, clean quality of its waters? You won’t be surprised, when you first set eyes upon the sparkling ocean surface surrounding well-known bays and beaches such as Qawra Point and Paradise Bay.

A Historical Gem

Feel inspired by sailing in Malta on the same seas as the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Normans, and Swabians, all while relaxing on a Malta yacht charter or a catamaran rental in Malta. Situated in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the coast of North Africa, the Maltese islands are home to an abundance of historic sites, temples, fortresses, and classical monuments, from Calypso’s Cave to The Inquisitor’s Palace.

Sailing Malta’s waters will put you in perfect proximity to these majestic landmarks, all easily accessible from the pristine and crystal surface of the ocean which surrounds them. The ancient capital of Medina commands a breathtaking view of the surrounding archipelago, and your Malta boat trips are perfectly complemented with visits to Unesco World Heritage Sites such as the Hypogeum and the City of Valletta. The Maltese islands boast over 7,000 years of intriguing and fascinating history. Whether you choose to explore the more rural terrain of Gozo, or the bustling architectural beauty of Malta, the opportunities for historical appreciation are endless.

Crystal Waters and Sandy Beaches

The Mediterranean never disappoints when it comes to beaches, and no trip to Malta is complete without a view of the ocean. The island’s stunning crystal waters can be accessed by numerous beaches, sandy coves, and harbors, all of which offer the perfect launching spot for a boat hire in Malta. The optimal beach time stretches for six months between April and October, giving you plenty of options for when to book your Malta boat trip.

Whether you prefer the excitement of large, expansive beaches, such as Golden Bay in the northwest of the islands, or would rather take your time to appreciate the simplicity of small sandy beaches like Saint Thomas Bay, the Maltese archipelago offers some of the most stunning beach destinations in the world. Looking for something extra special? A Sailo boat hire in Malta allows you to discover further hidden wonders, such as natural swimming pools carved into rocks at St Peter’s Pool, or the spectacular rock formations and caves known as the Blue Grotto.

A Diverse Trio

While sailing in Malta is most popular, due to the island’s size and reputation, let’s not forget its close neighbouring islands of Comino and Gozo. These dazzling treasures are situated in perfect proximation to the island of Malta, making them easily accessible to tourists and sailors alike. While Malta boasts an exciting cluster of stunning architecture, nightlife, restaurants, and bustling beaches, the islands of Comino and Gozo offer an alternative, more rural, yet equally majestic experience.

Each of the sister islands have an array of accommodation to choose from, whether you prefer to stay at an authentic farmhouse in Gozo or a relaxing hotel in Comino. If you love swimming and diving, Comino is the perfect choice, while Gozo’s rugged landscape of historic sites is surrounded by an equally breathtaking coastline. Comino is the smallest of the three islands, situated between the big island and Gozo, so it presents the perfect connecting point for your sailing adventure around the archipelago. Weekly boat rentals in Malta are available to allow you to take full advantage of everything the three islands have to offer during your trip.

Diver’s Paradise

With the coastlines of three islands to choose from, and all of them in close proximity, the diving opportunities in Malta are unparalleled. Sailing Malta’s surrounding waters on a boat rental allows tourists, visitors, and inhabitants to access some of the most special and unique scuba diving locations in the Mediterranean sea. What makes this area so perfect for diving conditions are its clear waters, rocky underwater formations, and rich sealife. Here you will also find two of the most famous dive sites in Europe: Cirkewwa in Malta, and the Blue Hole in Gozo.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the island’s most famous attractions, and is perfect for families looking for an exciting yet relaxing day of snorkeling, or for serious divers eager to explore the depths of these mythic waters. Malta boat trips and boat rentals provide ultimate flexibility and possibility for adventure, as well as access to the numerous inlets and caves scattered around the archipelago. Many favorite diving and sailing spots in Malta include Imġiebaħ Bay, Għasri Valley, Azure Window, Inland Sea, and Cathedral Cave.

Things to Do by Boat in Malta

Explore the most popular spots in Malta to visit by boat, find out the best beaches where to anchor and find out the most interesting sights to see on Gozo and Comino islands.

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