Sailing in Gozo and Comino - Malta Boat Trips


So far, your plans for sailing around Malta are going perfectly, and you’ve sailed your boat hire to the island’s most popular spots and the best beaches. With some time to spare, it’s time to look towards Malta’s special Sister Islands of Gozo and Comino. Maybe you’ve already embarked on a boat trip to Malta in the past, and have returned again to explore her neighboring gems on a new boat rental.

Either way, Sailo is eager to show you why your nautical adventures should definitely include a visit to Gozo and Comino, and what you need to include in your plan for Malta boat trips.



About Gozo and Comino

Gozo and Comino islands are located above the northern tip of Malta, and are part of the Maltese archipelago. While boat trips in Malta are popular because it is the most well-known and densely populated island of the three, her sister islands are equally rich in history and charm. This makes them the perfect destinations to sail your catamaran or yacht charter, especially if you are looking to diversify your sailing experience in Malta on a boat rental!

Still searching for the perfect vessel to get you there? Sailo offers a wide range of sailboat, catamaran, and motor boat hires in Malta, all perfectly located to sail from the main island to Gozo and Comino. If you’re extending your boat trip from the northern tip, we’d recommend the 67’ Gulet, while other great rental options on the east coastline include the Dufour 405 and the Versilecraft Mystic.




Sailing in Gozo

Gozo is the second largest island, and offers plenty of attractions for tourists looking to  explore  Malta from both the land and the water.


Churches and Chapels

Gozo island is covered with hills and rolling peaks topped with multiple churches and chapels. Because they are located so high up, most of them are visible from the ocean. Keep an eye out for the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu and Gharb Church in particular, on the northern side of the island.



Dive Sites

The glittering coves scattered around Gozo’s coast offer the perfect diving conditions. These spots are ideally accessible by boat rental, and you will be able to fit several dive spots into your day’s itinerary without needing to sail far in between. The most well-known dive spots in Gozo include:

  • Blue Hole

  • Azure Window

  • San Dimitri Point

  • Double Arch

If you’re looking for some unique, interesting, quirky diving spots, you should definitely check out Inland Sea, Cathedral Cave, and underwater wrecks such as MV Xlendi, Cominoland, and Karwela.




Outdoor Activities

While sailing around Malta is definitely an outdoor activity in itself, there are definitely additional opportunities for fun along the coast of Gozo if you fancy anchoring somewhere for the afternoon. As well as sea kayaking, you will find that abseiling, rock climbing, and bouldering are all popular cliff-side activities to take part in around Gozo.


Restaurants in Gozo

Sailing the amazing  Malta isn’t complete without a lunch or dinner at one of the archipelago’s best restaurants. Luckily, many of these can also be found dotted along the seaside of Gozo’s many beaches. The best restaurants in Gozo include Arzella Restaurant in the north east, Tmun at Mgarr Harbour, and Sofia Bar & Restaurant on the west coast.


Sailing in Comino

Comino island is located between Malta and Gozo, and is the smallest of the three islands. But that doesn’t make it any less worthy of a visit as part of your Malta boat trips! Its rugged and interesting landscape make it a unique destination, worth the boat hire to in itself to get to.


The Blue Lagoon

While both Comino and Gozo boast a wonderful array of beaches, the crowning jewel most definitely lies in the Blue Lagoon. This small bay is surrounded by glittering, turquoise waters, which are shallow and calm. It’s the perfect location to anchor your boat rental in Malta and enjoy this slice of paradise.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most photographed locations in the archipelago, and is often touted as being the most beautiful spots of the three islands. This area also offers fantastic hikes, if you feel like wandering from the shore.



While there are many ferries which sail from the main island to the Blue Lagoon, it’s always more enjoyable to arrange a boat hire from Malta and pass the day at your leisure, cruising leisurely in your catamaran or yacht charter around the bay.




Despite its small size, Comino still offers plenty of spectacular spots for snorkeling, thanks to the azure waters which stretch in all directions. While sailing the beautiful surrounding waters of Malta and the Blue Lagoon, be sure to stop for a snorkel at spots like Cominotto’s Cave, the Crystal Lagoon, and Santa Marija Bay.

Comino and Gozo aren’t just a second alternative to their big sister, but destinations to prioritise when planning your sailing trip in Malta!

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