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Boat rentals in British Virgin Islands


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BVI Yacht Charters — Try Sailo BVI Boat Rental!

Looking for a BVI boat charter? Welcome to the British Virgin Islands! The British Virgin Islands (widely known as BVI for short) is a piece of heaven on earth. Though they are a British territory, they still boast the same tropical atmosphere and island lifestyle as other well-known Caribbean sailing destinations. They’re stunningly beautiful, with gorgeous beaches, delicious local food, and enough fun in the sun for all ages.

Choose Sailo BVI Yacht Charters

So why add the BVI to your travel bucket list? Well this place really does have the best of both worlds. There is enough to see and do so you could never get bored, but the environment is relaxing enough that you can still have a leisurely vacation. That’s why we recommend the BVI yacht charter as the best way to explore this slice of paradise.

Finding your perfect BVI boat rental

Because the British Virgin Islands are a tropical destination, there’s no reason not to explore this place by boat. And Sailo’s easy-to-use platform makes finding your perfect BVI yacht charter an absolute breeze. Sailo features a variety of search features to help you select the catamaran rental in BVI for your dream sailing vacation, all with just a few clicks. 

Sailo allows you to filter by boat type (sailboat, motor boat, and catamaran), price, travel dates, party size, whether you need to rent a boat with a captain or bareboat, and plenty of other filters that allow you to narrow or broaden your search depending on your preferences. In addition to planning for the type of charter you’d like for your trip, you should also keep in mind that Sailo offers weekly boat rentals in the British Virgin Islands.

Weekly BVI yacht charters

Many travelers visiting the Caribbean love a BVI boat rental for a week or longer because it allows for more time and availability to see and do everything they hope for while on their trip. The British Virgin Islands are absolutely beautiful, and they offer just as much fun as they do relaxation. That’s why Sailo recommends visiting for at least one week so you can make sure you get to check off everything on your BVI bucket list.

Another benefit of renting a weekly BVI yacht charter is that for a lot of the Sailo boats you have the option to reserve for free. Within the first 24 hours, you can put a hold on the boat of your choice, modify the reservation, and cancel if it isn’t the right yacht charter for you, all without a credit card requirement. Sailo also allows you to hire a skipper or rent a sailboat without a captain depending on your previous boating experience and your travel needs. 

Additionally, you can add extras like transportation to and from the marina and add watersport equipment if your BVI yacht charter offers that option.

To find out which are the BVI yacht charters that you can reserve for free for 24 hours, apply filter “Instant book” on the top of the listings page. 

Visiting the British Virgin Islands when renting a boat

So what will you do once you get to the islands? Our list of recommendations is full of things to do that could easily fill up a week-long vacation, so for now we’ll share our top tips for seeing the British Virgin Islands in one week. 

Start off your trip on a beautiful Tortola catamaran charter. After spending a day or two exploring the major landmarks, it’s time to set sail on one of our great BVI yacht charters. Sail south to Peter Island, the largest island in the BVI with some of the most gorgeous scenery you’ll see on your trip. We recommend anchoring and hiking to the top of the island -- the views are spectacular. 

On the next day, cruise past the turquoise cays and picturesque grottos on Virgin Gorda and make your way to Leverick Bay. Go snorkeling near the reefs or try your hand at more advanced watersports here, too. 

Over the next few days, head to the island of Anegada, known for its coral reefs and amazing marine life that feels otherworldly, and explore the local flair of Beef Island before heading to Jost Van Dyke and Norman Island in the south. Finally, head back to beautiful Tortola where your trip on one of Sailo’s BVI yacht charters began.

Other nearby Caribbean locations to explore

If you want to extend your trip and explore some more, we recommend checking out the U.S. Virgin Islands nearby. All of the Caribbean offers its own unique atmosphere and culture, so try renting a sailboat in another destination to see how the islands differ. 

Your Caribbean BVI boat charter awaits you! Paradise is only a click away.