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Sailing in Thailand

With lots of choice of places to charter a yacht, and plenty to explore, sailing in Thailand is a lot of fun. Escape the tourist trail and get to see a different side of this incredible country with a boat rental.

Thailand is one of those countries that you just can’t help falling in love with. Great weather, friendly and smiling locals, and incredible food, all add up to a spellbinding vacation destination. You might also have heard that sailing in Thailand is not very expensive, and a great way to explore popular islands like Koh Samui.

Yes, it’s true, boat rental in Thailand is very affordable, and if you want to go sailing for a day or a week you’ll find plenty of options for yacht charters. But why rent a boat in Thailand?

Your own slice of paradise

As one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, many people head to the same places. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, and here at Sailo we love a good beach party as much as anyone. But if you’re looking for that hidden cove, or a snorkel spot that few people know about, you can’t beat a boat rental in Thailand. Islands like Koh Chang or Phuket have beautiful places that are hard to reach by land. That means that sailing in Thailand on board your Sailo yacht rental is a surefire way to find your own private beach!

An experience to remember

You already got that beach selfie? Been to a Muay Thai contest? Danced under the full moon? A yacht charter in Thailand is a unique experience, and one that will really make your vacation memorable in this beautiful country. If you’re travelling with friends, a boat rental in Thailand can work out to be very affordable. For example, you’ll find options for a yacht charter in Thailand starting from around $1,500 for a week. You’ll find both bareboat and captained boat rentals on Sailo. So whatever you vacation style you can experience a whole new world of sailing in Thailand!

Sailing from Phuket

Fabulous Phuket offers lots of potential for an incredible vacation sailing in Thailand. There is plenty of choice from monohulls and catamarans to luxury motor yachts. Set sail from Phuket and explore popular destinations like Phang Nga Bay, famous as the location of a James Bond movie.

Discover tranquil hideaways like Banana Beach, or Freedom Beach, or sail from Phuket to the nearby Koh Phi Phi. However long you charter a yacht in Phuket, you’ll discover many things to see and do.

Sailing in Koh Samui

Sailing in Koh Samui gives you a whole new perspective on this incredible island and it’s archipelago. Just five miles south of Koh Samui, you’ll find Koh Tean, a little visited tropical island and snorkeling paradise. Or sail to Koh Phaluai, an island inhabited by sea gypsies and home to eco-resorts, usually accessible only by the daily ferry from the mainland. Rent a boat in Koh Samui and you’ll be able to explore these incredible islands at your leisure.

Koh Phangan and Koh Tao

Just north of Koh Samui, you’ll find Koh Phangan, famous for the monthly full moon parties. And what could be more baller than arriving to the full moon party on board your own private yacht rental from Koh Samui? A real wow entrance! Or, if you want to discover some of the world’s best scuba and snorkeling locations, set sail to Koh Tao. With a private yacht charter from Koh Samui you’ll be able to explore the lesser visited shores of both of these fabulous islands.

Escape the crowds in Pattaya

There is a wild party every night in Pattaya, with many tourists and locals flocking to this beach resort city for sun, sea and much more… With a prime location close to the capital Bangkok, enjoying a sailing trip in Thailand is very accessible with a boat rental in Pattaya. A popular activity is to go island hopping to the nearest islands such as Koh Phai and Koh Larn. Don’t miss a visit to Koh Klet Keow, also known as or Koh Ling - Monkey Island - home to a large community of crab-eating macaques.

Koh Chang sailing

Known for its popular beaches and resorts, Koh Chang is one of the original Thai island experiences. The west of the island is well developed, but the south and east of Koh Chang still offer unspoiled vistas and empty beaches.

You’ll also find lots of smaller islands, just a mile or less offshore, which are perfect for exploring on board your private Sailo boat rental in Koh Chang. If you’re chartering a yacht for a day, or a week, there is more than enough to keep you busy.

Top Itineraries in Thailand

  • 1

    Week-long Sailing Vacation - Explore Phang Nga Bay

    Yacht Charter from Phuket, Thailand
    • Day 1

      Phuket, Thailand

      Starting point
      • Phuket

        Starting Point

        Upon boarding your Sailo yacht charter from Phuket, you can set sail immediately for the dramatic outcrops of Phang Nga Bay. The scenery is wild and dramatic with limestone karst cliffs jutting out of the emerald sea. It is a terrific tour for those who want to do more than just lie on a beach all day. While the bay itself is not large, the number of islands, inlets and mangrove channels to be explored ensure that no matter how long a yachtsman spends here, new experiences will always be nearby.

    • Day 2

      Ko Phanak

      Stop 1
      • Ko Phanak

        12 NM from last port

        A secluded anchorage in the southwest bay is an ideal overnight haven. There is interesting exploring to be done by dinghy under spectacular limestone overhangs along the entire west coast. Adjacent to the anchorage, a tide-restricted narrow cave gives access to kayaks at mid-tide for about an hour. If you miss the timing you may have to slither out on your belly in the mud or wait for six hours inside the hong for the next opportunity to escape. Well worth the risk.

    • Day 3

      Ko Phing Kan (James Bond Island)

      Stop 2
      • Ko Phing Kan (James Bond Island)

        4 NM from last stop

        Made famous by the filming of the James Bond movie, “The Man with the Golden Gun,” this island is now a major tourist attraction, visited by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people daily. Most come by bus then longtail boat from Phang Nga, so it is best visited before 10:30 am or in the late afternoon, assuming you want to avoid the crowds. Koh Phing Kan has a stunning lagoon and some interesting rock formations, though it is no more impressive than many other islands in the area which the day tours ignore.

    • Day 4

      Ko Pan Yi (Sea Gypsy Village)

      Stop 3
      • Ko Pan Yi (Sea Gypsy Village)

        6 NM from last stop

        Koh Pan Yi island is built almost entirely on stilts over water to the south of the islands sheer cliffs. The people here are really Muslim fishermen, not Sea Gypsies as the tourist name suggests. There are dinghy landings, many restaurants and souvenir shops in the village, which is usually packed with up to 3,000 tourists during the lunch period, but is quiet and peaceful in the late afternoon and evening. Further north on the east side of Khao Khian are cave drawings dating far back, perhaps to Neanderthal times. West of Khao Khian is a shallow mangrove river that meanders through rocky outcrops and past an awesome sheer cliff. This river eventually leads through tham lot cave approximately three miles from the village. Depths make this only suitable for small speedboats and dinghies.

    • Day 5

      Ko Chong Lat & Ko Hong (Krabi)

      Stop 4
      • Ko Chong Lat & Ko Hong (Krabi)

        5 NM 5 NM from last stop

        The deep entrance to the north of Ko Chong lat is easily navigable, as is the middle entrance just north of Koh Khlui. This is a quiet location with beautiful views of the sheer cliffs of Koh Chong lat to the west, and a mangrove swamp to the east. You can spend the night here or carry on to Ko Hong (Krabi province, not to be mixed up with one of the same name in Phang Nga province) Ko Hong is so named because of its large internal lagoon, accessible only by dinghy across a shallow reef on tides above 1 metre. The Hong, about 200 metres across, is the biggest in the area, and the sheer cliffs on all sides make a picturesque backdrop for photography. You can swim in the hong at high tide. East of the entrance to the hong is a superb silica sand beach nestled between two small cliffs. At the far eastern end of the beach and behind the undergrowth is a small entrance to a deep amphitheatre limestone cave complete with bats, stalagmites and stalactites. Bring a flashlight.

    • Day 6

      Ko Yao Yai & Ko Yao Noi

      Stop 5
      • Ko Yao Yai & Ko Yao Noi

        10 NM from last stop

        The Yao island archipelago runs north to south along the east coast of Phuket and divides Phang Nga Bay into two distinct cruising areas. To the west and north is Phang Nga Bay and to the east and south are Krabi and the mainland. They are part of Phang Nga province and served by ferry from Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. Together they have a population of 14,000 mostly Sunni Muslims who live by fishing, farming and rubber.
        There are several activities to do in the various bays around the island. The channel between the two has a beautiful sandbar for barbecues whilst small resorts like Paradise and Pavillions on Ko Yao Noi can provide a welcome break on land for those that need it.

    • Day 7


      Stop 6
      • Phuket

        5 NM from last stop

        After a leisurely breakfast in the morning, head back to Phuket. We encourage you to stay in the area and extend your vacation in paradise one more day. We hope to show you more of the Andaman Coast during your next sailing holiday in Thailand!

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