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Boat rentals in Phuket, Thailand


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Set Sail on a Boat Rental in Phuket | Yacht Charter from Sailo

Discover Thailand on a boat rental from Phuket! Sailing in Thailand is an exotic adventure aboard your Phuket  yacht charter, in search of tranquility, stunning natural sceneries, and one of the most peaceful and friendly cultures in the world. Explore the emerald green waters of the Andaman sea, relaxing on the deck of your private luxurious boat rental. Phuket is the ideal starting point for an extended trip to Similan and Surin islands, or a fantastic cruise to the amazing Phang Nga bay featuring the famous James Bond Island. Do not miss the chance to explore the quaint secluded bays of Krabi on a day trip from Phuket and to relax on your yacht charter while taking in the breathtaking sunset.    

If you are planning to explore the wonders of Thailand on a Sailo boat rental or yacht charter, make sure to check out our destination guide Sailing in Phuket!

If you have any questions about your boat rental in Phuket, Thailand, do not hesitate to start a direct conversation with the boat representative by clicking on the “Message Boat Owner” blue button on the boat page.