It’s a breeze sailing the Atlantic coast

Sailing in Portugal

Beautiful Portugal is an excellent sailing destination, her Atlantic coast dotted with plenty of pleasures and treasures for sailors to discover. Make a splash with a Sailo yacht charter in Portugal all year round.

Choosing a yacht charter in Portugal it's the best way to explore this amazing hot Europe country.Once a mighty maritime power, today Portugal draws tourists from across the world to discover her cultural charms, stunning scenery and comfortable climate. The legacy of Portugal’s sailing history isn't hard to find, and those exploring with a boat rental will have plenty to keep themselves amused.

Dynamic Lisbon has found her feet after a riding out the storm of the 2008 recession, and today the city is an urban melting pot and cultural magnet. Further south, the Algarve has been drawing vacationers since the 1960s, offering some of the most stunning scenery for sailing in Portugal.

The winds and the seas along the Portugese coast are often very favorable for sailors of all types, although the wind can become stronger along the central and northern coasts. Less experienced sailors may prefer the relative predictability and calmer conditions of the Algarve coast for sailing.

Sailo offers daily boat rentals and weekly yacht charters across Portugal, from Porto to the Azores. So, what can you expect when you plan a sailing holiday in Portugal?

Sun, sand and sea

As one of Europe’s premier tourist destinations, there are of course plenty of beaches dotted across Portugal’s coastline. The Algarve in particular is well known for its excellent beaches, and the weather to enjoy them is consistent for most of the year.

But if escaping the masses is more your style, take your Sailo yacht charter further up the coast to discover sleepy towns and hidden coves at your leisure. You’ll also find boat rentals available on the Azores and Madeira, Portugal’s islands which offer their own style of sailing.

Old and new

Despite the look of faded grandeur, with red tiled houses and ancient landmarks, sailing in Portugal lets you see both sides of this fabulous country. From the modern marinas and busy resort towns, to hidden coastal fortresses and historic towns.

Towns like Cascais, Porto and Lisbon are a thrilling mix of both. Further south, the popular towns of Lagos and Albufeira make excellent launching pads for sailing the Algarve coast. If you’re looking to make a sailing holiday in Portugal for a week, or you just want to experience the open seas for a day or two, you’ll find your ideal boat rental with Sailo.

Sailing in Lisbon

Sitting on the Tagus river, Lisbon’s spectacular location makes her perfect for an accessible sailing experience in Portugal. As Lisbon is set back from the swells of the sea, sailors can enjoy taking in the stunning city views, the fresh sea air and the thrills of the wind in the sails. You’ll find yacht charters in Lisbon for every event, from a day out with family and friends to a celebration on the water. If you’re not an experienced sailor, no worries, choose a captained yacht charter to take you on a Lisbon harbor cruise or a day at sea.

Cascais sailing trips

A short hop from Lisbon, Cascais is an upscale resort and popular spot to go sailing in Portugal. Nicknamed the ‘Beverly Hills of Portugal’ for the rich and famous who flock here, you’ll still find yacht charters in Cascais perfectly affordable, even if you’re not quite on the A list yet. The town itself is beautiful, with bright white houses, a lively beach and plenty of dramatic coastline to explore when sailing in Cascais.

The Atlantic coast is also a surfers paradise, so if you like to catch a wave or two, you can hire a surfboard too!

The Algarve by yacht charter

There is a reason the Algarve is such a popular place for sunseekers. Of course the beaches and the weather are both excellent, but it’s also the great scenery and the relatively calm seas. This makes the Algarve also perfect for a Portugal sailing vacation, with the location ideal for exploring the Portuguese coast, hopping to neighboring Spain or even exploring nearby Morocco.

Sailo yacht charters are available in Faro, Lagos and Albufeira, with motorboats, sailboats and catamarans as you prefer.

Sailing in Madeira and the Azores

Although they are some way from the mainland, the islands of Madeira and the Azores archipelago make exceptional sailing destinations in their own right. Madeira’s steep sea cliffs and lush interior are a fascinating place to explore by yacht charter, or island hop in the stunning Azores. The appeal of both of these locations is in their relative seclusion and dramatic landscapes, which are best appreciated from the deck of your private boat rental.

Discover a different side to sailing in Portugal mainland, in Madeira, or the Azores with Sailo!

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