Things to Do by Boat Rental in the Algarve, Portugal

Sailing Portugal’s south coast with a yacht charter

Offering a friendly sailing environment, perfect for novice and experienced sailors alike, exploring Algarve boat rental is a fantastic experience. Find your perfect yacht charter with Sailo.

As one of the most popular places in Europe for a spot of sun, sea and sand, of course Portugal’s Algarve region makes an excellent base for a sailing vacation. The beautiful and rugged coast is made for exploring with a boat hire Algarve and the wind and swell are often very favorable for most of the year. 

You’ll find Sailo boat hire Algarve, Portugal at most of the popular resort towns, from Lagos to Faro, and most points in between. And with choices from beautiful classic sailboats to thrilling motorboats, an Algarve boat rental is perfect for action packed day trips or week long sailing vacations.

If you’re wondering what are the best things to do when you'll choose boat charter Algarve, Portugal, you’ll find plenty to keep you occupied.


Coast hopping in the Algarve

If there’s one thing sailing Algarve isn’t short of, it’s beautiful scenery. The rugged limestone coastline is a fascinating place to explore by Algarve yacht charter, with hidden caves, beautiful towns and a multitude of fantastic beaches.

There is also an excellent infrastructure for sailing in the Algarve. So if you want to plan more than a day trip, you’ll discover plenty of marinas and anchorages across the coast.


Fun in the water

If you want to get wet, you’ll find a lot of fun activities in the Algarve. From surfing and paddleboarding, to snorkelling and scuba diving; with your private Algarve boat rental you’ll be able to find those out of the way secret spots and escape the summer crowds.

From Portimão to Albufeira, Sailo yacht charters in the Algarve offer plenty of choice. 

Portugal, Faro

Benagil Caves


Across the Algarve coast you’ll find caves carved into the limestone rocks, but perhaps none as impressive as Benagil. With it’s ‘sunroof’ top and a small beach within the cave itself, Benagil is premium Instagram fodder. The caves are not accessible from land so the only way to get inside and admire the spectacular formation is with an Algarve boat hire. Plenty of companies offer tours to the caves, but if you want a truly special experience, head there with your private Algarve boat rental and explore at your leisure. 

Portimão and the Arade River


The beautiful resort town of Portimão on the Algarve coast is already a huge draw for visitors to the region. The Arade River runs inland from Portimão, with boat trips up the river a popular activity for visitors to the region. From Portimão to the nearby town of Silves, this gentle cruise takes you past wetlands full of diverse bird species including flamingoes! Silves itself is a pretty white washed town, adorned with an old Moorish castle. With a private boat hire in the Algarve, you enjoy a boat trip up the Arade River whenever you like.

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Beneath the waves


The Algarve is blessed with so many beautiful beaches, you won’t know which one to choose. However, with the relatively calm and clear seas around here, the region is also a great place to explore under the water. You’ll find ample opportunity to go on a scuba diving trip, but it’s just as easy to see the vibrant marine life with a snorkel from the deck of your boat rental. Praia de Marinha is probably the best known of the Algarve beaches, with rock formations and caves which are perfect for exploring by snorkel. 


Surfing in Sagres


The town of Sagres sits on the far west of the Algarve, and is well known as a great surfing destination. If you’re exploring with an Algarve boat rental, it’s a great place to stop and wander the rugged cliff tops on foot, or spend some time relaxing on the many beaches around the town. Being so far from most of the resort towns such as Lagos and Albufeira, Sagres is usually relatively sedate, even in the peak summer months. However, visitors will be rewarded with stunning natural beauty and a laid back atmosphere.


Sailing to Spain from the Algarve


For those choosing their boat rental in the Algarve for a few days, or a week, it’s possible to enjoy a leisurely sailing trip to some neighbouring Spanish towns. Isla Cristina is just over the border, and this pretty fishing town is well worth the diversion. The city of Huelva is just 51 nautical miles from Faro, which is a sailing trip that can easily be done over the course of a day or two with a private Algarve yacht charter. Find your Algarve boat hire in Faro, Albufeira or Lagos, Portugal. 


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