Sailing in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Exploring the dragon islands of Indonesia

Spectacular Nusa Tenggara is a sailing paradise. In this Indonesian island paradise, you’ll find the Komodo National Park, home to the world’s largest lizard and a great place to explore by a yacht charter in Komodo.

No such thing as dragons? Choose your Sailo yacht charter and enjoy sailing to Komodo Island to discover these mythical beasts in the flesh. And the island they live on is pretty stunning too!

Komodo is a rugged island and national park, sitting in between East and West Nusa Tenggara. The national park can be visited by boat charter from Nusa Tenggara, but you need to pay the entry fee and you will need to be part of a tour. The dragon’s are a protected species, but that doesn’t mean they’re docile. In fact, they can be a little feisty, which is why it’s best to go sailing to Komodo Island as part of a tour.

Besides the fantastic national park, sailing in Nusa Tenggara is phenomenal. With mountainous islands, hidden bays and diving that is nothing less than spectacular, a boat charter in Komodo National Park or Nusa Tenggara will be a genuinely awesome experience.


Biodiversity at its best

The main reason to go sailing in Komodo and Nusa Tenggara is to enjoy the abundant wildlife. Beyond the dragons on Komodo Island, you’ll also find manta rays are regular visitors to these shores. These majestic creatures flock, en masse, to the Indonesian shores and you’ll be able to spot them as part of a scuba or snorkelling excursion.

Other sea life in the area includes hammerhead sharks, parrotfish, eagle rays and sea turtles. With a private boat charter in Komodo National Park, you’ll be able to explore at your leisure.


Breathtaking scenery

Indonesia isn’t short of stunning landscapes, but Komodo and Nusa Tenggara are particularly imposing. Rinca Island is also home to Komodo dragons, and is less heavily visited by tourists. The island is also blessed with incredible beaches and hiking trails, but once again, it’s highly recommended that you visit with a guide.

If you’re looking to explore Nusa Tenggara and Komodo National Park with a private boat rental, you’ll find lots to choose from with Sailo.


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The Komodo Dragons


OK, so they don’t breathe fire and they don’t have wings, but the Komodo Dragon is a mighty animal. Watching them in their natural habitat is quite something and is one of the main draws for visitors to the area. You’ll find Komodo dragons on several islands in the national park, so sailing in Komodo doesn’t mean you have to go specifically to Komodo Island. Remember, even if they don’t breathe fire, they can run fast and their bite can be deadly!

Incredible diving and snorkeling


You’re never far from a fantastic dive site in Indonesia, and the rewards are plentiful when sailing with a boat charter in Komodo and Nusa Tenggara. In fact, all the best places to go snorkelling are best accessed with a private boat rental. For incredible sealife including manta rays and hammerhead sharks, head to Pengah Reef, Siaba Besar and Mawan Island. The best way to experience sailing in Komodo is with a liveaboard, or multi-day charter, which allows you to visit all the best snorkel sites. 

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Sailing to Sumba


Down south of Komodo National Park, the large island of Sumba offers an intriguing way point for keen sailors and explorers. Sumba is little visited by tourists, but is a fascinating place to spend a few days and explore some real Indonesian culture.  With a boat charter from Nusa Tenggara you’ll be able to sail over to explore and spend a few days enjoying being away from the tourist trail. You’ll spot distinctive thatched roof huts all over the island, and there are more secluded beaches than you could count, not to mention jungle trails, waterfalls and a warm welcome!

Sangeang Island


The main thing you’ll notice about Sangeang Island is that it is home to a huge volcano. You might also notice that the volcano does have smoke coming out of it… Nobody lives on Sangeang Island any more, as it is home to a live volcano, but this gives a great opportunity for an adventure. Explore deserted villages, relax on empty beaches (seriously, you will be the only people on the beach) and go diving or snorkelling in the abundant offshore reefs. You can reach Sangeang Island with a boat charter from Nusa Tenggara, and enjoy sailing to Komodo Island too!

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