Sailing in Bali on a Sailo Yacht Charter

Discover Indonesia’s picture postcard island

The jewel in the crown of Indonesia's 18,000 islands, Bali is packed full of culture and adventure. Discover sailing Bali by a private yacht charter and see a whole new side to this popular destination.

First discovered by Australian surfers in the 1970's, today Bali attracts over 6 million tourist arrivals each year. Many head to the bars and clubs of Kuta, or the surf beaches of the south coast; and increasingly, digital nomads have been making Ubud home. This tropical paradise is an easy place to spend time, and sailing in Bali is an excellent way to see more of the island.

When it comes to spending time on the water, there is lots of choice for boat rentals in Bali. Most of our Sailo yacht charter options in Bali can be found in Kuta and Denpasar. So why charter a private boat in Bali?

Make your own adventure

The majority of visitors to Bali will spend their time on the beach, and plenty more will venture to the temples and lakes inland. With a yacht charter in Bali, you'll be able to take a different view of the island and even go sightseeing in a more leisurely and enjoyable way.

Sailing in Bali is a great adventure, and most of our Bali boat rentals come with a captain to show you the way.

Affordable and fun

Our Bali boat rentals and yacht charters are very affordable, and if you're in a group the cost comes down even more. Enjoy a yacht party in Kuta, or start your bucks/hen do with a day on a stylish luxury party yacht charter in Bali.

Whatever your reasons, you’ll find that there is lots to do with a Sailo boat rental in Bali.

Sunrise Point Mertasari Sanur

Serangan Harbour

Snorkelling boat trips in Bali


As one of the best places in the world to go snorkelling, you’ll find lots of potential for a great snorkelling boat trip in Bali. As most of our Bali boat rentals are captained you’ll be able to ask the skipper for their recommendations for the best snorkel sites. Although there are lots of options to go snorkelling from the shore, out at sea you have access to untouched reefs, far from the crowds on the beach… A great day out on a boat charter in Bali!


Bali sunsets looks better on a boat


There is nothing quite like a Balinese sunset. If you’ve been to this dreamy island, you’ll know what we mean… Enjoy watching the golden sun sink beneath the horizon as you sit on the deck of your Bali yacht charter. At the end of a fun day sailing in Bali; swimming, snorkelling and surfing, nothing beats a cool drink from the deck of your boat rental. If you’re chartering a party yacht in Bali then you’ll be able to enjoy that sunset then head to Kuta to enjoy the rest of your night!


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    Discover Bali in style boating on this sail boat rental.

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The Gili Islands


Although Gili means ‘island’, the islands Air, Trawangan and Meno are what most people know as the Gili Islands. It takes a long ferry ride from Bali to get here, or with your own private Sailo yacht charter you’ll be able to enjoy the Gilis at your leisure. Why go to the Gilis? These still unspoiled islands offer incredible beaches as well as world class scuba and snorkelling. If you’re in Bali make sure to charter a boat rental to these beautiful islands off the northern coast of Lombok.

The secret Gili Islands


If the Gili Islands look like they might be too far for you, there is another ‘secret’ option. On the south west coast of Lombok, Gili Gede and Gili Asahan, known as the ‘secret Gilis’ are a great trip to enjoy sailing in Bali. These unspoiled islands are perfect for a look at real Indonesian life, with most locals relying on traditional lifestyles in contrast to the touristy neighbour. Unlike their well known cousins in the north of Lombok, tourism here is relatively undeveloped, but you’re much more likely to have the beach almost to yourself…


Nusa Penida


Just a short boat ride from the main island of Bali, you’ll find Nusa Penida. Thanks to its proximity to Bali there are lots of day trips here, and with lots of highly Instagrammable scenery you’ll find people queueing up for selfies in the popular spots. The most famous of which is Kelingking, known as the ‘T-Rex’. With towering rock formations hemming in a white sand beach, it’s a travel bloggers favorite. While you’re here, make sure to head to Atuh beach and broken beach too… Nusa Penida is a must visit when sailing in Bali!


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