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Sailing in Spain

It’s easy to fall under the spell of Spain. Sun, sea, sand and great culture make this one of the best places to choose a boat rental, with a diverse choice of places to find your perfect yacht charter.

As the world’s second most visited country by foreign tourist arrivals you might think you’ll be swept up by the crowds. But even in the high summer season you’ll be able to find solace and breathtaking beauty, if you look in the right places. A Sailo boat hire in Spain is one way to make your own path and find a slice of Spanish perfection.

On land, Spain is a thrilling land of cultural treasures, passionate and friendly people and varied landscapes. And that’s not to mention the diverse and delicious culinary treats waiting for you! Wherever you find yourself in Spain, you’ll find that each area has a distinct character and it’s own regional specialties.

Out on the open water, Spain has a whole other side of her personality to tempt you. From the beaches and bays of the Catalan coast around Barcelona, the hidden gems of the Balearic Islands, or the sun kissed towns and beaches of the Costa del Sol.

If you’re wondering about finding a boat rental in Spain, perhaps chartering a yacht in Ibiza or exploring the Canary Islands with a private sailing charter, Sailo has lots for you to choose from.

Sailing Holiday in Spain

One of the great things about a boat rental in Spain is that it allows you to discover more of the country, away from the crowds. With the freedom to explore as you choose, you’ll be able to sail to secluded pueblos, hidden calas and playas, and enjoy a side to the country that you won’t have seen before.

Charter your yacht in Spain for a week to really make the most of this spectacular country. Choose from classic sailboats for the sailing purists, or if you prefer to explore in style, take a look at our luxury yacht charters in Spain.

Private Party on Water

What can be better than enjoying your own exclusive party out on the sea with your own private Sailo boat charter? The summer in Spain is literally made for enjoying the high life on board a yacht, and you’ll find boats for all budgets with Sailo.

If you’re planning a stag/bachelor party or hen/bachelorette do in Spain, push the boat out (literally) and set sail for a day on the sea with your best buddies. Of, if you’re looking to enjoy a memorable day with your family, there are lots of awesome boat rentals in Spain to choose from. From luxury yacht charters to boating day trips, you’ll find something for every budget.

From Barcelona or Ibiza, or down to the Canary Islands, take a look at the fantastic choice of yacht charters in Spain with Sailo.

Sailing in Ibiza

Ah the White Island! Ibiza has been everything from a Roman retreat to a hippy haunt to a musical Mecca. Today, there is something for everyone on Ibiza, from the superclubs of San Antonio, to luxury retreats on the east of the island. Exploring Ibiza with a Sailo yacht charter is probably the most fun and thrilling way to see the best side of this beautiful island. You don’t need to be glitterati to set sail with an Ibiza boat hire.

Mallorca by Boat

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a magnet for the rich and famous and vacationers alike. In fact, Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and for good reason. The island is dotted with hidden beaches and bays, known locally as Calas, and with a dramatic mountain coastline in the north. If you want to discover a side to Mallorca that you’ve never seen before, take a look at our boat rentals in Mallorca.

Barcelona and Catalunya

Beautiful Barcelona is one of the highlights of any trip to Spain, but don’t forget the stunning Catalan coast! More rugged and attractive than the relatively flat landscape to the south, sailing in Barcelona and Catalunya is an experience perfect for both newbie sailors and the more experienced. Coast hop to Tarragona or explore the Catalan border with France around Figueres and Perpignan. There is more to Barcelona than just Gaudi (although he’s pretty awesome too), so see what you can find with a Sailo yacht charter in Spain.

Costa del Sol

It might seem that every year the whole world sets off to the Costa del Sol, and in places like Marbella and Torremolinos, this might be true. But if you want to see a whole other side to the Costa del Sol, set sail on your own private boat hire in Spain. You’ll find sailboats, motor yachts and day tripping craft with Sailo in popular destinations like Malaga, Gibraltar and Alicante (OK, that last one is technically Costa Blanca). Get away from the crowds and enjoy something different sailing in Spain with a private yacht charter.

Tenerife & the Canary Islands

Closer to Africa than mainland Europe, the Canary Islands are always a good place for year round sunshine. Tenerife is one of the most popular places to head for sun and sea, even in the depths of winter. With a Sailo yacht charter from Tenerfie, you’ll be able to go further afield and discover more of the Canary Islands, such as little visited La Gomera or La Palma. You’ll find options for boat hire in the Canary Islands with Sailo on almost all of the main islands including Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

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