Things to Do by Boat in Tenerife - Canary Islands Cruises

The near-perfect year-round boating paradise in Spain

The Canary Islands cruises on Sailo boats are ideal to explore the Spanish archipelago off the coast of Africa. Known for the year-round tropical climate, and the dramatic landscape, the main islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria are perfect as starting points for boating vacations on a Sailo boat charter! A Tenerife sightseeing tour is must for whales and dolphin watching. Read our recommendations of things to do by boat from Tenerife or Las Palmas and get ready for a great nautical adventure!

Marina Santa-Cruz

Marina del Sur, Las Galletas

Canary Islands Cruises from Las Palmas


Hop aboard a yacht charter in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) and set sail for a relaxed day cruise along the coast, and a few hours of water fun at Las Canteras beach. Keep your camera close to capture city’s historical landmarks: the impressive Santa Ana Cathedral and the San Cristobal Castle. For an active day on the water, jump aboard a Sailo fishing charter to enjoy one of our most popular Canary Islands cruises, and let our skippers lead the way to the best spots for bottom fishing or trolling.

Tenerife Sightseeing Trip by Boat


Whether you are chartering a Sailo boat on the NE coast in Santa Cruz, or in Las Galletas (south), you should not miss a Tenerife sightseeing trip! From Santa Cruz, one of our favorite things to do by boat in Tenerife is to go north along the amazing coastline of Anaga. Drop anchor for a swim and explore the remote black-and-white volcanic sand beaches. A boat charter from Las Galletas is your ticket to a smooth sail to the lively Playa de las Américas - the party capital of the island.

Dolphin Watching from Tenerife


One of the most popular Canary Islands cruises is the day trip to go dolphin watching in Tenerife. The warm weather, steady trade winds, and the fresh Gulf current make Tenerife an attractive getaway for people, whales and dolphins alike! The resident pilot and sperm whales, as well as the bottlenose dolphins are sometimes joined by blue whales and even orcas. Whether you are vacationing with your family or friends, dolphin watching is a must on your list of things to do by boat in Tenerife!

Boat Charter from Tenerife - Diving


Nicknamed “the island of eternal spring”, the largest of Canary Islands welcomes open water and advanced divers with the perfect air and water temperatures all year long, and endless diving options. Grab your gear and hop onboard of your boat charter in Tenerife for a diving adventure to remember! Get ready to swim with the octopus, stingrays, bull or eagle rays and moray eels! Explore the famous Los Gigantes or the many mysterious shipwrecks inhabited by trumpetfish.

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