Sailing Bermuda with a Boat Rental

Explore the jewel of the North Atlantic by yacht charter

Home to pink sandy beaches, a multitude of exceptional dive sites and with a fascinating history, Bermuda makes an excellent location for a sailing vacation on board your own private Bermuda boat rental

A self governing British overseas territory, Bermuda is known mostly for her beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and as being the focal point of the mysterious ‘triangle’. Whatever the truth behind the mystery, there is one fact that every Bermudan will testify to: Bermuda is an excellent sailing location to enjoy with a private yacht charter. 

At only 21 miles long, Bermuda’s landmass packs in a lot for any visitor. Stunning pink sand beaches such as Horseshoe Bay are perfect for both sun lounging lazy days and exploring by snorkel or scuba. The islands of Bermuda are dotted with shipwrecks and coral reefs, with plenty of incredible opportunity to explore both from the beach, or better still from your Sailo boat rental. St George’s and Hamilton, the island’s capital, both make great towns to explore and discover the island’s history, with plenty of shopping and culture.

A haven for sailing
With its location in the North Atlantic, between the American mainland and the Caribbean, Bermuda offers fantastic sailing conditions. Although it’s one its own out in the middle of the ocean, Bermuda is made up of around 7 main islands and over 170 islets.
On your private Bermuda yacht charter, you’ll be able to enjoy exploring the islets and bays at your leisure. Avoid the tour groups and the feeling of being on a ‘cattle cruise’, and find your perfect boat rental in Bermuda for your friends and family.

Bermuda fishing charters 
Fans of fishing will delight at the opportunities for private fishing charters in Bermuda. The islands are well known for exceptional game fishing, and enjoying a Bermuda fishing trip is one of the best things to do on vacation in Bermuda.


Great Sound


This large bay at the western end of the islands is hemmed in on three sides by the fishhook of the Bermuda landmass. With it’s sheltered location, the Great Sound is perfect for sailing in Bermuda, almost all year round. There are many private islands, but also plenty that you can explore freely, so a private yacht charter means you’ll be able to island hop to your heart’s content.The area is also home to Gibbs Hill lighthouse, an icon of Bermuda, and Fort Scar, one of the island’s historic forts.

Church Bay snorkelling


>Make a splash down at Church Bay and you’ll find some of the best snorkelling in Bermuda. Although this small beach and bay is known as a quiet spot on the south of the island, with a private Bermuda boat rental, you’ll be able to make the most of seeing the underwater sights. Unlike the ever popular Horseshoe Bay, there are rarely big crowds here, so you’ll be likely one of a handful of people in the water.

Bermuda Fishing Charters


The location and geography of Bermuda makes it a popular spot for both the undersea critters and those that love to fish. Game fishing in Bermuda is excellent, with a deep sea fishing trip in Bermuda one of the highlights for any sport fishermans vacation. Tuna, mahi mahi, many species of shark, marlin and great barracudas are just some of the many species of fish that pass by these islands throughout the year. And being out in the middle of the Atlantic means you don’t need to go far to enjoy deep sea fishing in Bermuda!

Castle Islands


Out on the east coast of Bermuda, the Castle Islands were once a busy shipping channel and anchorage. Today, the area is a popular spot for boat trips and those looking to escape the crowds. Many of these smaller islets are only accessible via private yacht charter, and some of the smaller ones may need you to either swim ashore, or bring a paddle board or small motor boat. Once ashore, you’ll be able to enjoy your own private island with a picnic, or day splashing in the beautiful seas.


Pink coral beaches


The east coast of Bermuda is dotted with an array of pretty pink coral beaches, with Horseshoe Beach being perhaps the most famous (and popular) example. However, with a Sailo yacht rental you’ll be able to discover your own secluded pink beach on Bermuda’s stunning east coast. Marley Beach, Surf Side Beach and Elbow Beach are just a few of these stunning beaches where you’ll be able to make yourself at home from the deck of your private Sailo boat charter.

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