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Try Bermuda Yacht Charters in Bermuda on Sailo!

Are you looking for Bermuda boat charters? Your picture-perfect paradise awaits you in beautiful Bermuda! This stunning cluster of islands is as pretty as a postcard and has enough to make every traveler’s visit worthwhile: pink sand beaches, luxury resorts, rich history and culture, spectacular diving and snorkeling sites, and of course plenty of excellent sailing spots.

Whether you’re going on a tropical vacation for the first time or you’re an experienced sailor looking for your next adventure, Bermuda is the place to be. There is so much to explore on land (despite the small size of Bermuda — its main island is only 21 miles long!) and there’s even more adventures that await you at sea. So take a look at everything Sailo has to offer for your next sailing trip by a boat rental in Bermuda and learn why this is one destination you shouldn’t pass up.

What it’s like to sail by a yacht charter in Bermuda

Sailing Bermuda by private yacht charter is absolute heaven. Bermuda destination is nestled warmly in the North Atlantic between the U.S. mainland and the Caribbean, so sailing conditions are ideal during most times of the year. Plus, since Bermuda is made up of seven islands and numerous smaller islets, renting a Bermuda yacht charter allows you to explore at your own pace.

However, when planning a sailing trip to Bermuda by boat rental, it’s important to keep the weather in mind. The island welcomes visitors year round, but if you want to plan a trip during peak season when most captains and charter operators recommend visiting Bermuda by boat charter, try booking for the summertime from June through August. While hurricane season in the Caribbean typically runs from June through November, Bermuda generally experiences hurricanes much less than the Bahamas or British Virgin Islands.

Notable places to check out in Bermuda by yacht rental

If this is your first time visiting this gorgeous place, there are quite a few notable places when sailing a boat rental in Bermuda that you’ll want to make sure you see and experience.

Go snorkeling at the beautiful hidden gem of Church Bay to discover some unique sea life.

Head to the east coast to explore the castle islands — go swimming in the clear blue waters or have a picnic with an unforgettable view. And don’t forget to take advantage of the bright pink beaches while you’re in the area!

Finally, take your private yacht charter sailing through Great Sound to get stunning bay views and check out the historic Fort Scar and Gibbs Hill lighthouse. There is plenty more we recommend in Bermuda for sailing, so be sure to ask your boat representative for even more tips for your boating trip!

Daily Bermuda boat charters

Sailo offers a variety of daily boat charters in Bermuda. You can rent a boat for as few as two hours up to as many as eight hours in a given day, depending on how much adventuring you plan to do.

A quarter-day boat rental in Bermuda for two hours is perfect for a sunrise sail or a sunset dinner cruise. A half-day rental is great for those who want to go snorkeling or explore the pink sandy beaches. And a full-day rental is ideal for anyone looking to go on a fishing charter or those who want an entire day to go island hopping.

Finding your Bermuda boat rental

Sailo makes it easy and efficient to find the ideal Bremuda boat rental for your trip to the islands. Whether you know the exact type of boat you’re looking for or you’re still exploring your options, Sailo’s search filters are a very helpful tool.

You can filter by boat type (we offer catamarans, sailboats and motor boats for amazing Bermuda fishing charters), price, dates available, number of people, and more specific criteria in order to narrow your search and find several different options of yachts to choose from. You can even communicate with the boat representative by using the “Message Owner” button in order to find out more about the rental.

Other tropical destinations to explore

Are you have completed Bermuda fishing trips already? Even though Bermuda has plenty to offer anyone looking for a fantastic tropical vacation, there are a variety of other island destinations that have boats available for rent on Sailo. You can extend your trip and fly from Bermuda to the Caribbean and check out the beautiful nations of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Grenada all have their own unique scenery, culture, and sailing opportunities that make them bucket-list places to visit.

Adventure awaits you in Bermuda. Paradise is calling and it’s time to set sail!

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