Sailing in Martinique with a Sailo Boat Rental

A tropical sailing paradise with a French accent

There is something truly exotic about sailing in Martinique. An unmistakably French character and some of the most spectacular landscapes in the Caribbean make the perfect destination for a Sailo yacht charter.

The mountainous interior, the beautiful colonial era towns, and the local chatter in French creole all make for a Caribbean vacation unlike any other. As an overseas department of France, the island of Martinique has a European feel, and we’re not just talking about the language. 

Fort de France, the capital of Martinique is one of the biggest cities in the West Indies and a major draw for cruise ships and private yachting enthusiasts. The colorful streets, fantastic creole food and mixture of cultures makes a fantastic place to enjoy a Caribbean vacation. Here, in Fort de France bay, you’ll find plenty of options to choose your perfect private boat rental to explore the island.

This island as an exquisite yachting destination is no longer a secret, with direct flights from the American mainland and Europe. But, it is still mostly untouched by excessive tourism and is perfect for a vacation almost year-round.


Sailing in Martinique

The best way to experience Martinique is to go around the island as part of a week-long itinerary on a private yacht charter. This way you’ll get to explore this fantastic tropical territory at your leisure and discover some of the incredible sights this island has to offer.

Be aware that on the eastern (windward) side of the island, the sea can be rougher and more changeable. Also, the coastline is dotted with islands and reefs, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the local nautical maps before setting sail with your Sailo private boat rental. 


A water sports haven

Like much of the Caribbean, the island offers lots of opportunities to enjoy the sea and the land too. From kayaking or paddle boarding, to snorkelling and scuba diving, a sailing trip in Martinique can be as action packed as you like.

Browse Sailo to find your ideal catamaran, motor yacht or sailboat for an unforgettable sailing vacation in Martinique!

Plage de Salines


At the southernmost point of Martinique, you’ll discover what has been called one of the ‘most beautiful beaches in the world’. This long stretch of dazzling sand is still untouched by resort developments and, although it’s popular, you’ll easily be able to find a quiet spot. There are local food shacks and a scattering of small hotels, but it’s still a tranquil slice of paradise. Is it really that beautiful? Well, the only way to find out is to set a course there on board your private Martinique yacht charter.


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    Let the wind whip through your hair aboard Bali 4.5

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Sailing around Martinique - Saint Pierre


Previously known as the ‘Paris of the Caribbean’ this town was all but wiped out by a volcano in 1902 which left only 2 survivors. Today, the old portion of the destroyed town can still be seen by visitors, although there is a new town that has sprung up alongside it. Arriving by sea, part of your sailing itinerary in Martinique is the best way to see the town and the mountain towering behind it. The center of St Pierre has an excellent beach as well as a museum dedicated to the 1902 catastrophe.

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    Have fun aboard Bali 4.5
    St. Martin

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Baie des Anglais & Islet Chevalier


On the windward side of the southern tip of Martinique you’ll find this hidden bay which is perfect for a stop off on your sailing Martinique itinerary. The exceptional coral reef is easy to explore by snorkel, right from the deck of your private Sailo boat rental. Islet Chevalier is right next door, which is also a popular attraction for day-trippers. With a private yacht charter you’ll be able to explore this beautiful area at your leisure.

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    $3,456 (per week)

    Cruise Martinique onboard Catana 42 Custom
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Baie & Iles du Francois


The bay and the islands of Le Francois will beckon you to stop by when sailing in Martinique. With their picture postcard tropical bliss, turquoise blue seas and palm fringed beaches, it’s hard to say no. The area is dotted with reefs, so be sure to navigate safely. Once you’ve moored up, you’ll be able to swim in the warm tropical waters, enjoy snorkeling and then head ashore for some delicious food at one of the many beach-side restaurants. 

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  • Have fun in Le Marin, Martinique onboard Dufour 520 GL
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    Have fun in Le Marin, Martinique onboard Dufour 520 GL
    Le Marin

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  • Enjoy Martinique onboard Salina 48 Evolution
    $4,320 (per week)

    Enjoy Martinique onboard Salina 48 Evolution
    Le Marin

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Sailing in Martinique - Presque’ile de la Caravelle Réserve


This wild nature reserve is one of the best kept secrets in Martinique, and a great stop with your Sailo yacht charter. With 400 hectares of tropical forest, stunning hidden beaches and pretty little villages, however long you’re here, you’ll want to stay longer… The reserve features several small bays which act as perfect anchorages, and if you have a motor boat or kayak on board you can explore the coastline in more detail. An island of tropical perfection, within a beautiful tropical island!

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    Set sail in Martinique onboard this elegant sailing boat
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