Sailing from Dubrovnik on a Sailo Yacht Charter

Rent a boat from the jewel in the crown of Croatia’s Dalmatian coast

Dubrovnik is compact medieval city with a rich maritime past. In fact, thanks to its location and beauty, the city has become one of the most popular stops for cruise ships and visitors to the Mediterranean. What this means is that Dubrovnik is the perfect place to rent a boat and get out into the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea.


Dubrovnik is well known for its old town which is a UNESCO heritage center. The ramparts of the old fortress and the stunning views from the hilltop Imperial Fort are two of the must visits when you’re in Dubrovnik. And enjoying the sunset with a cold glass of wine as a warm breeze blows across the old town is the very definition of la dolce vita (or similar phrase in Croatian).



Although in recent years it’s become best known for featuring in the popular series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik has been a favorite hangout for the rich and famous for many a year. The swinging 60's saw high rollers like Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton enjoying the high life in town. And today, it’s quite possible you could spot the yachts of modern royalty like Jay Z and Beyonce.



Even if you’re not quite part of the glitterati set, you can still book your Dubrovnik yacht charter with Sailo and enjoy that celebrity lifestyle. You’ll find monohulls and catamarans for sailing adventures from Dubrovnik, or step aboard your very own motor cruiser for a taste of luxury. Even if you’re only in Dubrovnik for a few days there are plenty of opportunities to rent a boat.



So even if you’re not quite champagne lifestyle, you’ll find boat rentals and yacht charters in Dubrovnik for all tastes and budgets. If you’re looking for a sailing trip along the northern Dalmatisn coats, Sailo's private yacht charters in Dubrovnik is the perfect place to start your Croatia sailing vacation.


ACI Marina Dubrovnik

Port Dubrovnik

Elafiti Islands


This small archipelago makes a perfect sailing trip from Dubrovnik. Get away from the crowds and explore the bays and inlets of the islands, diving or snorkeling in clear blue waters. And if you need to get on dry land you’ll find that most of the Elafiti Islands offer plenty for landlubbers to do.

The islands of Sipan, Kolocep and Lopud offer quiet forest walks, sandy beaches, sleepy fishing towns and quiet bays and inlets. Hire a bike and explore the forested interiors, or discover ruins and monuments littering the landscape. All, except Sipan, are car free too making them perfect for lazy wandering.

Kotor, Montenegro


Although it isn’t in Croatia, Kotor makes a fantastic sailing adventure with a Dubrovnik yacht charter. The approach from the sea, through the inlet to the town of Kotor is truly spectacular. The rugged mountains give way to the bay of Kotor with the town tucked in between the mountains and the sea. 

Kotor itself is a medieval town, with a UNESCO heritage center old town packed full of surprises.

Green Cave


There are plenty of little surprises along the coast that you’ll only spy when you’re on a yacht charter. One of these, the Green Cave, is a sea grotto with plenty to explore. Don your snorkel and swim under the sea arches, deep into the mysterious blue underworld to see what you can discover. You’ll find all kinds of sea life including octopus and even seals.

The Elafite Islands are home to a variety of sea caves, including a Green Cave and a Blue Cave. Both are perfect for a detour when you’re sailing from Dubrovnik, and can be explored either by swimming or by jumping in a kayak or paddleboard.

Mljet Island


This 37 kilometer long island is made for coastal hopping on a yacht charter. Although it isn’t wide, there are many small bays and sandy beaches where you can moor up and explore. The island is a national park, well known as one of the greenest islands in Croatia.

Mljet is famous for high quality goats cheese and wine, so it makes a great place for re-provisioning.

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