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50 Dubrovnik Yacht Charters in Croatia

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Rent a boat in Dubrovnik, Croatia with Sailo!

Are you choosing a Dubrovnik yacht charter? Welcome to Dubrovnik, where rich history meets modern royalty. This popular cruise stop offers visitors everything the best of Croatia has to offer, from ancient medieval sites and unforgettable views of the sparkling sea to a taste of the high life with wine tasting and oceanfront sunsets. There truly is something for everyone here in this popular Croatia destination. No matter what adventure you seek, something magical awaits you when you rent a boat in Dubrovnik. 

Weekly yacht rental Dubrovnik sailing holidays

There are plenty of options available for your yacht rental in Dubrovnik. Our available yachts on Sailo (including sailboats, catamarans, party boats, and motor boats) are all weekly charters, and we recommend you to rent a boat in Dubrovnik for at least a week. With everything Croatia has to offer, we couldn’t imagine trying to visit every beautiful destination in less than a week. Renting a boat from Dubrovnik will give you plenty of time to see on your Mediterranean bucket list without feeling rushed or you can hire a boat in Dubrovnik without skipper anything on your must-dos. 

A Dubrovnik yacht charter: booking with Sailo

There are plenty of benefits when booking your Dubrovnik sailing trip with Sailo, including the option to reserve for free and customize your quote to your vacation needs. When you browse all available yacht rentals for your Croatia getaway, you have the ability to choose any available charter and put it on hold for up to 24 hours as you decide whether it’s the right one for you. Additionally, you can customize your sailing vacation by deciding whether you want to hire a skipper or charter a bareboat , rent scuba or snorkel gear, add a hostess to assist you, or add other extras to your vacation. You have this 24 hour period to cancel your existing reservation and choose another Dubrovnik boat charter, or submit your booking request. 

Keep in mind for your Dubrovnik yacht rental trip

We have a few tips for you as you book your yacht rental Dubrovnik, Croatia from the best time of year to rent a boat to the closest airport to the best things to do in the city before you set sail on your adventure. As you plan your trip, try to book far enough in advance to be able to select your choice of rental, as many boats can get booked up as popular travel dates approach. 

We recommend to hire a boat Dubrovnik, Croatia in the spring and late summer and avoiding the peak season of July and August. Even though the weather is nice and warm during that time of year, tourism peaks in the middle of summer, so you may want to book a trip for April, May, June, September, or October, so you can experience the beautiful weather and calm waters without the hustle and bustle of crowded cruise ports and a high population of tourists. Dubrovnik has always been known to be a wonderful city to visit in Croatia, but it has grown in popularity in recent years with an influx of cruise ship stops and even more visitors who know the city as the filming location for HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” So keep in mind tourism patterns when deciding when to book. 

Before you embark on your one-week boat hire in Dubrovnik, take some time to explore the beauty and attractions of the city itself. Because you can fly directly into Dubrovnik, there are no limitations to what you can get up to before you board your yacht. Spend a day or two meandering the historic city streets, feasting on local fare , and embracing the beauty of the coast from just about anywhere. 

One-week Croatia itinerary from Dubrovnik

There are so many reasons to rent a boat from Dubrovnik when planning your Croatia sailing vacation, from the city’s reputation as a popular destination for celebrities around the world to its convenient location amid the beautiful and fun sites the rest of the Dalmatian coast has to offer. As you set course, be sure to stop in the nearby Green Cave and Blue Cave for kayaking and snorkeling before embarking on the rest of your trip. From Dubrovnik, sail to Sipan on the first day of your trip, and arrive early enough to have time for some swimming in the island’s gorgeous bays. Over the course of your weeklong adventure, set course for each of these beautiful destinations every day: Mljet National Park on the island of Polace, the Lastovo Archipelago for swimming and snorkeling around the reefs and sea caves, historic sites and delicious food in Korcula, the photo-worthy landscape of Pomena, and Peljesac for wine tasting with breathtaking views of Kobas Bay. After exploring the Dalmatian coast, stop to swim in the waters off the island of Lopuc before you make it back to Dubrovnik. 

Ready to rent a boat in Dubrovnik for sailing? Try a beautiful yacht rental — your adventure awaits you!