Sailing with a Grenada Yacht Charter

Exploring the Caribbean’s Spice Island with a boat rental

With the opportunity for year round sailing, a choice of stunning islands and perfect conditions for both experienced and intermediate sailors, could Grenada be the best place for a yacht charter to explore the Caribbean sea?

Grenada is made up of three main islands: Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique - as well as many smaller islands and islets. With each one offering its own distinctive character and charms, a sailing vacation in Grenada will offer plenty for sailors of almost all levels. Most of our Grenada yacht charter options are based in St George’s, the nation’s capital, making this the ideal place to plan your Grenada sailing itinerary.

The nickname ‘the Spice Islands’ comes from Grenada’s production of nutmeg and mace, with the country the world’s second largest producer. Grenadan food is also well spiced, with fragrant flavors and hearty dishes. Be sure to try nutmeg ice-cream for a uniquely refreshing Grenadan treat, with lots of places to sample this speciality in the capital and around the islands. Chocolate is also a local product, giving you a great excuse to enjoy the delicious local treats and desserts.


Exploring the islands

There is lots to do on a sailing vacation in Grenada, but to really make the most of your visit, set a course for the outlying islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique. In general, Grenada is relatively un-developed in terms of tourism infrastructure, but you will still spot luxury resorts and restaurants around the island.

Grenada sailing offers action and adventure for even the most demanding traveller. Hiking trails and colonial history sit side by side with sport fishing and fantastic diving or snorkelling. Get refreshed under cascading waterfalls, discover sleepy villages and hidden gardens, and then jump on board your private Grenada boat rental to the next incredible port of call.


A sailing paradise

With perfect conditions for sailing and some navigation experience, a Grenada bareboat charter is one of the best things to do when visiting the islands. If you’re planning a Caribbean sailing vacation, or just looking for a day on the sea, you’ll find that Sailo offers everything from luxury motor yachts with captain and crew included, to a private bareboat charter from Grenada (catamaran and sailboat).

To help you plan your sailing itinerary, these are some of the best things to do when with your Grenada catamaran charter.

Grenada Yacht Club

The Carenage


Running alongside the scenic and historic harbor in St George’s, the Carenage is one of the must visit parts of town, with Fort St George looking across the bay from above. With your Sailo boat rental, you’re likely to depart either from nearby, or pass by on board your bareboat or crewed Grenada yacht charter, so get your camera at the ready. With it’s horseshoe shaped harbor and colorful buildings clinging to the hillside, the Carenage looks great from the water and is also an intriguing part of town to explore on foot.


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This little fishing town in the north of the main island is a center of the nutmeg processing industry, as well as a great place to sample guava fruit. Take a tour of the nutmeg factory for only $1 and make sure to sample some of this fragrant spice in some of the local dishes. Stopping by with your Grenada yacht charter will give you ample opportunity to soak up the local atmosphere, enjoy some delicious food and watch the local fishermen haul in the catch of the day.


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Paradise Beach, Carriacou


Can you really resist somewhere named Paradise Beach? In the case of this east facing Carriacou gem, it’s not just a clever name, with white sand, turquoise sea and probably only a handful of other beach dwellers. In fact, you’re more likely to be sharing the sand with local crabs rather than other tourists. When the sun begins to dip below that perfect Caribbeam sea, you’ll be able to enjoy the views from your bareboat charter in Grenada with a cool drink and some fresh seafood from one of the local bars.

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Petite Martinique


Just a few miles north of Carriacou, this sleepy island mainly attracts day-trippers from the bigger neighbouring island. There isn’t much to do here, unless you like lazing on deserted beaches, swimming and snorkelling on pristine coral reefs and dining on fresh local food. Arriving with your Grenada yacht charter is the best way to get to Petite Martinique, with a boat rental giving you freedom to explore the island as you wish. On land, you’ll find great bars, an extinct volcano and a handful of independently owned hotels.

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Petit St Vincent


If Petite Martinique is just too busy for you, you’ll probably find the seclusion you’re looking for on Petit St Vincent. This tiny island is only accessible by private boat rental, so you’re very unlikely to find more than a few other souls. There is a private resort at one end of the island, but simply moor your crewed or bareboat Grenada yacht charter at the western end of Petit St Vincent for that feeling of ultimate serenity.

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