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When it comes to luxury and adventure, France has something for you. Don't just read about it; read all about the marvelous experience!

France is located to the West of Europe, bordering the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans. Beyond historical museums like the Louvre and amazing sites like the Palace of Versailles, France offers boat lovers some of the best sailing experiences anywhere in Europe and worldwide.

France has 3200 km of coastlines with beautiful and clear turquoise waters, so it is a top destination for adventure lovers. Below are some valuable tips for enjoying the best sailing adventures on the French riviera.

Due to its popularity as a tourist destination, France has over a dozen airports, so getting there will not pose a challenge wherever you are from. Landing in style on a yacht charter in France takes you to the ports of the French Riviera. Rent a yacht charter in France at an affordable price to enjoy one of the best sailing experiences in the Mediterranean.

The climate and weather

The best time for French sailing is ideally from mid-year (May) to August/September. This time is when the warm summer season allows for sunny days, and gentle winds attract boat lovers and divers to France.

During the winter season, getting a French sailboat can be very difficult due to the cold string winds to the North from the Rhône Valley, plus anchorage fees along the port are usually expensive around this time. So, make sure you get the timing perfectly to enjoy your French sailing experience.

When autumn arrives, it is the time for the sailing meetups and events in France. Yacht exhibitions at the Cannes Royal Regattas in September are a must-see; if you arrive on time, you can book a Cannes yacht charter for the event.

There is also the Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez in the French Riviera that occurs in October, so if you are a fan of St. Tropez, book a French Riviera yacht charter in advance to enjoy this once in a year experience first hand.

With so many beautiful locations, a sailboat charter in the French Riviera should be at the top of your to-do list when you are planning your next sailing adventure.

The best beaches to sail in France

Let us start in the French Riviera, in the famous town of Cannes, known for its film festival and the Old Port (Le Vieux Port). Once you have secured a boat rental in France, sail along the dreamy coastlines of the ancient town with the many flocks of tourists that visit the town all year round. The ports in the French Riviera are famous for the French Riviera sailboat charter services available, affordable, and safe to maneuver.

Further south, you will find the waters leading to Marseille and in particular, the Bonneveine (which is also known as Gaston Deferre Beach). This beach was built specifically to allow tourists to bask in the beauty of the Mediterranean. Marseille yacht charters will give you a tour of the beach and its royal palms. During the summer months beginning from May, the beach is at its most beautiful to sail.

Also along the famous Prado coastline is the beach of La Réserve in Nice, along the old Port of the French Riviera. The Nice town, along with its Port and cuisine are tourist attractions, and its tiny build and intimate atmosphere make for a lovers paradise.

If you are in France with your lover, La Réserve is where you should be. The beach also borders Le Galet, another famous lovers’ spot in France. Lots of boat rentals in Nice, France give you that wonderful intimate experience that typifies France’s nickname as the lover’s paradise.

Another real gem to explore along the South-western French coast is the coastal city of Antibes, located between Cannes and Nice. In Summer, Antibes is one of the best places to be, and in particular the famous Plage du Ponteil, known for its breathtaking views of the Alps.

The sandy and dreamy beach is a local favorite and offers a ton of facilities for you and your crew to enjoy the best of the French coastal city. Antibes boat rental services are never in short supply, and although Plage du Ponteil is a public beach, it still promises enough adventure for you.

If your budget allows it, take a trip to Monaco. The famous city offers the best yacht charters in the South of France and arguably anywhere else in Europe, with adventures and trips you will not forget in a hurry.

France is a must-visit destination

Sailing France is indeed a one-of-a-kind adventure. Once summer begins, there are very free places that can rival boating holidays in France. Monaco, Nice, Saint Tropez, Cannes, etc. are sailing destinations that will rival any place in the world, so don’t hesitate, rent a boat in France and begin your adventures in this beautiful country.

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