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17 Boat Rentals in Zadar, Croatia

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Rent a Boat in Zadar, Croatia with Sailo!

Are you looking to rent a boat Zadar, Croatia? Welcome to Zadar, a slice of Croatia’s paradise. If you’re looking for a different side of the Mediterranean, this is the place to be. Many travelers frequent сhoosing to rent a boat in Split or trying Dubrovnik yacht charters on their Croatia vacations, but Zadar has so much to offer, as well. This is one of the most hip and cool areas in all of Croatia for the young and young at heart to relax and enjoy some fun in the sun. From quirky art displays and summertime music festivals to exceptional waterfront dining and historic architecture, this amazing city has something for everyone, making it the ideal home base for your Zadar sailing adventure. Rent a boat in Zadar for your chance to see the fun and youthful side of Croatia by land and sea.

Sailo offers a variety of yacht charters in Zadar, Croatia. The most popular rentals are sailboat charters in Zadar and Zadar catamaran charters, but we also offer some motor boats and party boats, depending on what suits your group and vacation best. Most sailing enthusiasts prefer to rent a boat for a week starting in Zadar so they have plenty of time to explore the Dalmatian coast, the beautiful islands of Croatia, and natural wonders of the country’s national parks.

Why choose a weekly boat rental in Zadar, Croatia?

When you give yourself at least a week of exploring with a yacht charter from Zadar, you allow yourself to spend as much time as possible experiencing many of the amazing destinations that the country of Croatia has to offer by land and sea.

Many of Sailo’s weekly rentals are available as bareboats (without a captain included), so experienced sailors can rent a yacht charter in Croatia on their own. You can also hire a skipper for the week. Use the filter “Crew” to narrow your results based on your preference to sail with or without a skipper on your yacht charter from Zadar.

Reserve for free your Zadar yacht charter in Croatia

We know that sometimes you need a little more time to make the decision to rent a boat for a Zadar one-of-a-kind sailing experience. One of the most helpful features Sailo offers is the option to reserve for free. As you browse all of the available boats for rent in Zadar, you can put a hold on a boat on Sailo for up to 24 hours. This gives you and your party some flexibility and time to decide if this is the right boat rental for you. Additionally, Sailo gives you the ability to customize your quote in real time by adding or removing extra options, such as hiring a skipper or a hostess, transportation to/from the marina, snorkeling or scuba diving gear, and many more options you can add to your vacation. You can cancel your reservation and submit another if you change your mind, as well as submit your booking request when you’re ready, all during this 24 hour reservation period.

Climate and Zadar boat trips sailing season

Keep in mind the climate of Croatia when planning for a sailing vacation, as the weather can impact the time of year when you book your trip. The best time of year to rent a boat in Zadar is the spring months of April, May, and June, or the fall months of September and October. The Mediterranean waters are calm and the overall weather is warmer during these spring and fall seasons. Because of its close proximity to Croatia’s national parks, we highly suggest visiting during these mild months so you can spend more time outside sightseeing and enjoying everything you came to do in Zadar.

What to do in Zadar?

When you rent a boat in Zadar, you open the door to a whole sea of possibilities. Making this beautiful city the home base for your Croatia sailing vacation is a great choice because of everything this area has to offer by land and by sea. Before you charter your yacht, give yourself enough time to explore both the modern and historic landmarks all throughout the city. If you’re looking for some fun while traveling with friends, consider visiting Croatia during one of the summer music festivals, or spend some time enjoying the solar-powered dance floor with a seaside view. For those who love the great outdoors, you can take advantage of the city's close proximity to three of Croatia’s beautiful national parks, or hike along the nearby islands just off the Dalmatian coast. Whatever you choose to do on land in Zadar, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in one of Croatia’s hidden gems.

One week boat rental: Zadar sailing itinerary

To take advantage of the beauty of Croatia, rent a boat in Zadar and explore the nearby destinations for one week, the recommended time for travelers wanting to experience the Dalmatian coast. Here is a sample itinerary perfect for the traveler looking for a relaxing Croatia vacation set among gorgeous seaside views. Travel by yacht charter from Zadar, a modern marina set amid an ancient city. From here, set sail for the Kornati Islands, where you can choose between several areas to drop your anchor for day two and three of your trip. Spend two days exploring this national park (we recommend docking overnight in Ravni Zakan and Lopatica). Throughout the rest of the week, set course to one of each of these unique places each day: the small sailing village of Sali for an authentic Croatian meal, the beautiful bays near Brbinj for some kayaking in the Dugi Otok area, and the picturesque area of Zut. Each of these tranquil bays makes for some gorgeous scenery to be enjoyed on your yacht charter, outdoorsy activities, the perfect pit stop before exploring the next destination.

Ready to explore Zadar for yourself? Rent a boat like this one; your adventure awaits!