Zadar, Croatia - Attractions by Boat

The Historical Center of Dalmatian Coast

Your sailing adventure on the Dalmatian coast wouldn’t be complete without discovering Zadar, Croatia attractions by boat. The fascinating coastal city preserves its rich Roman and Habsburg heritage, while exulting a lively and modern vibe. Rent a boat and explore the old Zadar, or experience the eerie sounds of Sea Organ. Hop on your Sailo boat charter to Kornati islands, plan a day trip from Zadar to Saharun beach, and don’t miss the chance to sail from Zadar to Plitvice park on a day trip.

Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan

Marina Kornati, Biograd

Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Marina Sangulin, Biograd

The amazing Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia

Mother Nature is the greatest artist but when a man-made creation comes into play and amplifies its work, the results are incredible. Sea Organ in Zadar is the only architectural object of its kind. The waves and the wind push the air through a tangled system of pipes underneath the marble stairs, creating mesmerizing harmonies. Hop aboard one of our sleek boats, sail around this unique musical instrument and listen to the out-of-this-world sounds intensified by the waves created by your boat.

Rent a boat and visit the old Zadar

Zadar is the oldest inhabited city on the Dalmatian coast, documented since prehistoric times. The city’s coastal setting and its rich history call for the perfect sightseeing experience: take a walking tour and then rent a boat for a sunset cruise around Zadar’s old town peninsula. Enjoy the amazing buildings and their beautiful architecture, such as the 9th century Church of the St Donatus, St Anastasia Cathedral, the Roman forum, the Citadel fortress, and the Venetian Land Gate.

Day trip from Zadar to Saharun beach

A sailing holiday in Croatia can be quite intense, with so many destinations within reach. If you plan for a relaxed day to catch your breath, choose Saharun beach on Dugi Otok as your haven. Apart from any other beach on the Dalmatian coast, Saharun is almost a mile of stunning white sand and smooth pebbles beach, surrounded by deep green pinewoods and incredibly vivid turquoise waters. In the afternoon you can visit the Veli Rat lighthouse and climb the stairs for a breathtaking view.

Boat rental to Kornati islands

Our Croatian friends recommend Kornati National Park as the ultimate sailing experience and a must on your list on Zadar, Croatia attractions by boat. Whether you want to test your skills and venture through the labyrinth of over a hundred islands, islets and reefs, or choose a captained boat charter to Kornati islands, you’re set for a memorable adventure. For a break, drop anchor on Piškera or Žut island and try snorkeling or scuba in the crystal-clear blue waters boasting with marine life.

Zadar to Plitvice day trip

Next to Kornati islands and Krka, Plitvice Lakes should be on your list of destinations for the best Croatian summer holiday. The most visited national park of Croatia, Plitvice, is a wonderland of 16 lakes linked by rivers and waterfalls. High levels of minerals in the water change its colour from deep green to greenish-blue, and from dark blue to azure, depending on the light. The rich plant, animal life and breathtaking beauty of the lakes will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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