Split, Croatia - Attractions by Boat

The perfect base to explore the Dalmatian coast on a Sailo yacht charter

Croatia’s second city, Split is a fantastic blend of maritime history and laid back urban vibes. Often overlooked by Dubrovnik, Split actually makes the perfect base to rent a boat and explore the Dalmatian coast when sailing in Croatia. And with a palm fringed, sea facing promenade, and some of the most popular Croatian islands on its doorstep, you’ll see why this city is quickly catching up with it’s more glamorous neighbor.


The city of Split has plenty to keep visitors occupied for more than a few days, especially history buffs. Diocletian’s Palace is the must see sight when you’re visiting the city - in fact you can’t really miss it. This Roman fortress sprawls across the old town and is fantastically well preserved. Just wandering the alleyways is like experiencing what it must have been like for the Roman inhabitants, although these days the shopping and the food is probably much better.

When you need to cool off, walk along the seafront to Bacvice Beach, and splash in the crystal blue Adriatic sea. The beach is only a ten minute walk from the city center and sits in a small bay. If you’d rather shelter under trees, head to the huge Marjan park which occupies a large space on the peninsula beyond Split city. The park also offers fantastic views of both the city and the sea beyond…




But to really make the most of your stay in Split, take a look at Sailo’s selection of yacht charters. Sailing from Split is one of the most popular pastimes, and you’ll spot monohull sailboats, catamarans and luxury motor boats. Whatever your style or your budget, you’ll find a boat rental in Split, Croatia to suit your tastes.



Once you’ve decided on your perfect boat charter and you’re ready to go sailing, you’ll just need to decide where to set sail to!


Marina Nava, Split

Marina Split

Marina Lav

Marina Split - ACI

Marina Zenta, Split

Marina Spinut, Split

ACI Marina Split

Marina Kastela, Kastela

Matejuška Port

Solta Island


The sleepy island of Solta might only be 9 miles from Split, but it’s definitely a world away. Solta is blessed with lots of craggy little inlets and bays, many of which won’t have a soul in them. Here you’ll be able to find your own little quiet corner, enjoy the shingle beaches and explore the sea with a snorkel or kayak.

The island itself is well known for fantastic olives and anchovies, which you enjoy washed down with a delicious glass of the local tipple Dobričić wine. Maslinica and Stomorska are the main ports, perfect to explore with your yacht charter when you want get back on terra firma.



Probably the best known of the Croatian Islands, Hvar has been attracting visitors since before the days of mass tourism. Today, Hvar is a major stop off for many of the cruise ships, but don’t let that put you off! Rent a boat in Split and you’ll be able to find the parts of Hvar that cruise ships definitely don’t reach.

The interior of the island is blessed with olive groves, lavender fields and vineyards, giving you a clue about some of the amazing food to be found here. By day, explore beaches and bays in your Sailo yacht charter, by night enjoy delicious fresh fish, honey and wine with a view of the sea.

Brač Island


Another of the most popular islands for visitors to Croatia, Brač Island makes a perfect sailing trip from Split. With your yacht charter, you can coast hop around the island and find your perfect beach or bay to relax.

If you’re at sea for a few days, you’ll find plenty of small towns like Bol, Povljar and Pucisa which are perfect for wandering cobbled streets, enjoying fresh olives and seafood and generally enjoying the slow pace of life on Brač Island. If you rent a boat in Split, Brač will offer plenty to tempt you for more than a few days with exceptional food, drink and scenery.

Korčula Island


This stunningly beautiful island on the Dalmatian coast, Korčula is actually a little bit of a hidden gem. The reason being, most tourists tend to head to the popular islands of Brač and Hvar, but that means if you’re sailing from Split aboard a yacht charter, you’ll find plenty of serenity. Like most other Croatian islands, Korčula is blessed with a rugged coastline which hides plenty of small shingle beaches and caves.

There are little gems everywhere. But if you’re looking to enjoy some culture and perhaps find a hotel, Vela Luka and Korčula towns offer plenty of bars, restaurants and medieval monuments.

Sailing to Dubrovnik


If you’re picking up a Sailo yacht charter in Split, sailing along the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik is one of the best ways to make the most of your visit to Croatia. Sailing directly from Split to Dubrovnik would take only a couple of days, but with stops off at Brač, Mljet and Korčula, you can easily make a week long trip. This way you get to enjoy both of these incredible Croatian cities and some of the fantastic islands too.

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