Things to Do by Boat in Sardinia, Italy

The eccentric land of emerald sea, white sand beaches, and red coral

The second largest island to rent a boat charter in Italy, Sardinia, welcomes every visitor with something different and somehow eccentric. Update your list of things to do by boat in Sardinia, Italy with a cruise to La Maddalena island, or a day trip to the chic Porto Cervo. Hop aboard your yacht charter in Sardinia and go shopping in Alghero, or have a dinner on the deserted Tavolara island. Sailing in Sardinia is your chance to catch your dinner on a bluefin tuna fishing charter or to explore Asinara island.

Marina di Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo

Sailing in Sardinia - La Maddalena


La Maddalena archipelago lies just off the coast of northern Sardinia. Your boating adventure must include a day of island hopping in this gorgeous, crystal-clear paradise, with occasional stops to enjoy a sunbathe in the sandy coves. Don’t miss the Budelli island and one of the many idiosyncrasies of Sardinia - the vivid pink sand beach of Spiaggia Rosa! Mostly wild and uninhabited, these beaches are kept protected, so keep an eye out for the red buoys when you drop your anchor.

Yacht Charter in Sardinia - Porto Cervo


Sailing along the coast of northern Sardinia is an amazing nautical experience: from the wild La Maddalena islands to Porto Cervo; one of Europe’s most expensive piece of real-estate. Dock your Sailo yacht charter in Sardinia at Marina de Porto Cervo and explore this very wealthy, yet charmingly little town. Have coffee at a chic coastal bar, or go shopping at the high-end boutiques. From the many things to do by boat in Sardinia, this one is for sure an exclusive experience to remember.

Shop souvenirs in Alghero, Italy


Our team of boating enthusiasts makes a point from finding the best place to shop for souvenirs from your boating trips. When sailing in Sardinia we recommend the medieval town of Alghero. Drop anchor in the old harbor and experience the vibrant nightlife of this Catalan city. Alghero is also the place where you’ll find one of the most prized red coral in the Mediterranean sea.

Yacht Charter in Sardinia - Asinara


Have you ever seen an Albino donkey? Not if you haven’t been to Asinara island! This small rocky island is a wildlife and marine preserve, so make sure you register for an organized tour. Besides the oddity of the Albino donkeys, the island’s landmark is a former maximum security prison, which you can now visit and have a former prisoner as tour guide. Hop off your Sailo yacht charter in Sardinia in Stintino and have your camera ready to capture your adventure on Asinara.

Sailing in Sardinia - Fishing for Tuna


If a fresh tuna steak in Porto Cervo, or lobster pasta on Tavolara island is not your thing, then you certainly can’t turn down the opportunity to catch your own dinner on one of the tuna fishing charters in Sardinia. Bluefin tuna migrates along the northern coast of Sardinia every August. Choose a tuna fishing yacht charter in Sardinia and enjoy a day on the water, chasing what can become the culinary highlight of your Italian summer holiday.

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Dine in Style on Tavolara Island


A romantic dinner on the deserted Tavolara island is one of Italy’s finest secret experiences, a must on your list of things to do by boat in Sardinia. From May to October, the eccentric restaurant King de Tavolara serves traditional Sardinian dishes on their grand terrace, all against the breathtaking backdrop of the Mediterranean sea. Whether you’re in the mood for fresh fish, seafood, or a steak, this is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset over the deep blue sea.

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