Things to Do in Šibenik, Croatia on a Sailo Yacht Charter

A fortified town by the sea and the gateway to the Kornati Islands

Hidden from the sea by an inland bay, Šibenik has the honor of being the oldest city founded by Croatians, and not the other civilizations that have held sway around these parts. Today, this beautiful city makes a great place to rent a Sailo yacht charter and head out into the Adriatic Sea. In fact Šibenik is known as the gateway to the Kornati Islands, a cluster of islands that make up a stunning nature reserve that are easily reached by local boat tour.


The city itself is built around the imposing St Nicholas fortress, which is one of two UNESCO heritage sites in town. The other is St James (aka St Jacob) cathedral which is built entirely from stone (no wood was used in the frame of the building). The fortress is one of the best places to visit in Šibenik, with the awesome hilltop views being perfect for those holiday snaps.



Šibenik also sits right on the doorstep of the Krka national park, which is also one of the best things to do if you’re in town for a few days. The incredible Skradinski Buk waterfall is one of the most breathtaking natural sights you’ll see in the country, and the walking trails are second to none. And while you’re in Krka, make sure to check out the Visovac Monastery, an Catholic monastery in the middle of the lake which you can reach by boat trip.



The city itself also features plenty of great bars and restaurants to fuel up after a hard day of sailing and sightseeing. The old town is packed full of boutique shops and eateries with plenty of options for night owls too…


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Marina Mandalina, Sibenik

ACI Marina Jezera, Murter

Marina Betina, Murter

ACI Marina Skradin

Solaris Yacht Marina

Marina Kremik, Primosten

Marina Hramina, Murter

Marina Frapa, Rogoznica

Marina Tribunj

Murter Island


The biggest island of the Šibenik archipelago, Murter is where you’ll find a lively tourist crowd and several music festivals at Tisno in the south of the island. Most visitors head to Murter town and Slanica bay, both in the north of the island. But if you’re touring in your own yacht charter from Sibenik, you can find your own little quiet haven to enjoy.

Beyond the sea, the island is scattered with olive groves, fruit orchards and Roman ruins, making it a great place to enjoy a hike. If you’re looking to enjoy the livelier side of the Dalmatian Coast, set sail for Murter Island.

Kaprije Island


Sat amongst a cluster of barely inhabited islands, Kaprije is car free and with just one small village. The sleepy vibe here is perfect for adventurers looking to explore and find their own hidden corner where they can drop anchor and enjoy some real seclusion.

The neighbouring islands of Kakan and Zmajan are totally uninhabited, so if you’re really looking to escape the crowds these are perfect. However, there are many boat tours from Šibenik exploring the region, especially in the summer months. But with your own yacht charter you’ll always be able to find your own perfect cove to swim, snorkel and sunbathe.

Zirje Island


The furthest of the Šibenik archipelago from the mainland, Zirje is where you’ll find a traditional way of life and very little in the way of tourism. Visitors arriving with a Sailo yacht charter will be able to explore the coves and islets surrounding Zirje. Just a stone's throw from Kaprije, it is possible to visit Zirje on a boat tour of the Šibenik islands in a day.

If you’re looking for things to do, Zirje island offers hiking, cycling, and even exploring the ruins of an old fortress. And of course, in the sea you’ll find plenty of great reefs to explore and watch the sea life.

Kornati Islands


The nautical paradise of the Kornati Islands national park is the perfect place to take your yacht charter. With 89 islands, that are all uninhabited, you’ll be able to find your own slice of maritime perfection. Don’t worry though, there are a few cafes and restaurants to refuel. As a protected reserve you do need a permit to enter, but the price of admission is worth it.

When it comes to exploring under the water, it’s highly recommended to book a scuba tour with one of the local providers. But even with a snorkel you’ll find plenty to see just below the surface, with octopus and squid, sea turtles and dolphins all in abundance around the park.

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