Things to Do by Boat in Bodrum Turkey

The St Tropez of the Aegean sea

Bodrum is one of the most elegant seaside getaways on the Aegean Turkish coast, and a must on your list of top boating destinations. Enjoy the deep blue seawaters and the light breeze on a Bordum boat trip to Knidos, go on a sailing cruise to Datça, or on a yacht charter to Keçi Bükü - Turkey’s hidden secret. When you’re on shore, don’t miss a Bodrum shopping experience! Looking for things to do by boat in Bodrum, Turkey, known also as one of the world's premier yachting region? Read on...


Bodrum boat trips to Knidos, Turkey

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The natural and picturesque harbor of Knidos is one of the most amazing mooring spots on the Datça peninsula. Drop anchor on your yacht charter from Bodrum and go for a hike to the ruins of the ancient ruined Greek city: temples of Apollo, Dionysus and Aphrodite, the theater, and the agora. The view from above, overlooking the natural harbor and the bay, worth a thousand words. End your afternoon with a fresh fish or lobster dinner at one of the chic restaurant pontoons.

Bodrum sailing cruise to Datça, Turkey


The spindly, unspoilt Datça peninsula lies close to the meeting point between the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. The lovely port town of Datça, Turkey is a great pit stop for a relaxed day on your boat rental from Bodrum. Enjoy the beaches backed up by green pine-crested hills and olive groves, the turquoise water and the quiet bays where you can go diving or snorkeling. In the afternoon stroll the old town and have dinner at Culinarium - a modern restaurant with haute cuisine, Turkish style.

Bodrum shopping experience


From the beautiful medieval castle overlooking the chic harbor, to the charming cafes and whitewashed houses, the busy and colorful Bodrum welcomes visitors with farmers markets, bazaars and a vivid nightlife. Go shopping for souvenirs and authentic Turkish delicacies, and enjoy the unique charm of this seaside resort. Before setting sail on your yacht charter from Bodrum, make sure to visit the ancient Halicarnassus and the Tomb of Mausolus - one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Bodrum yacht charters to Keçi Bükü


Your list of things to do by boat on Bodrum, Turkey wouldn’t be complete without a cruise to Keçi Bükü bay. Our local team of Bodrum sailing enthusiasts recommend this amazing boating destination as Turkey’s “hidden gem”. Nestled at the end of the Hisaronu gulf, this secluded, deep blue water bay is surrounded by pine trees and has attractions to keep you and your fellow sailors busy for a few days: a world class marina, the fascinating ruins of a Byzantine fortress and good restaurants.

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