Things to Do by Boat in Marmaris, Turkey

The perfect place to start your Mediterranean sailing adventure

As one of the busiest yacht charters and boat rentals harbor in the southwest Mediterranean, Marmaris Turkey is ideal as a starting point for your summer nautical holiday! Don’t miss the chance to go on a boat trip to the Lycian tombs or a moonlight cruise to Serçe Limani. Dock your yacht charter at the luxurious Netsel marina and visit the old cobblestone town or rent a boat to explore Bozuk Bükü bay. There are so many things to do by boat in Marmaris, Turkey… Read on!

Marmaris, Netsel Marina

Marmaris Yacht Marina

Boat trip to the Lycian tombs


Plan a day trip from Marmaris to Kaunos and visit one of the most well-preserved sites in this historically rich land. Drop anchor off the Iztuzu pristine beach - one of the prime nesting habitats of the loggerhead turtle in the Mediterranean sea. Take a guided boat rental along the Dalyan river and explore the stunning ancient rock-cut Lycian temple tombs. During your trip you’ll have a front seat view over the mid-4th century BC burial places of local royalty and aristocracy.

Dock at Netsel marina Marmaris


The unofficial capital of holiday cities in Turkey, Marmaris is a fascinating mix of attractions, from the vivid beach life to the historic monuments such as the Marmaris Castle, dating back to 1044 BC. Dock your yacht charter at Netsel marina in Marmaris and take an afternoon to stroll along the narrow alleys of the bazaar. End your city trip with a delicious cocktail at one of the beach bars and enjoy the bustling nightlife of the Turkish riviera.

Moonlight cruise from Marmaris, Turkey


A summer sailing holiday in the western Mediterranean coast can be pretty intense if you look at the long list of the things to do by boat in Marmaris, Turkey. For a romantic moonlight cruise away from the crowds, set sail on your boat rental in the late afternoon to the secluded bay of Serçe Limani. Use the mooring buoys or the lazy lines from the Captain Nemo restaurant to dock your yacht charter and go for a dinner under the starry sky, with fresh fish or grilled meats served buffet.

Rent a boat to Bozuk Bükü bay


Bozuk Bükü is a charming bay overlooked by the ruins of the ancient citadel of Loryma. Once an important Byzantine naval base, the castle's walls and towers harbored the Romans, the pirates and the crusaders over the centuries. Drop anchor at the head of the bay, or dock at one of the restaurants and enjoy a swim in the crystal turquoise waters. For those of you looking for a little action, go for a hike to the acropolis for an amazing panoramic view over the seas to Rhodes island, Greece.

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