Zadar Boat Trips on a Sailo Yacht Charter in Croatia

The coolest city in Croatia is perfect for sailing the Adriatic Sea

Zadar has earned its cool stripes in recent years, mostly by being the venue of many music festivals in the summer months. When you’re done partying, Zadar is a great place to explore the sea and jump on a boat trip or pick up a yacht charter. This part of the Dalmatian Coast is packed full of stunning islands, with many of them much quieter than the popular south of the region.


If Dubrovnik is where the cruise ships dock, Zadar is where those looking for something a bit different go. To show how quirky Zadar is, you just need to look at some of the waterfront features; including the sea organ, a harmonica that is played by the lapping of the waves on the shore. There’s also a solar powered public dancefloor, right on the water’s edge.


But that’s not all... Zadar is also home to a well preserved Roman forum, a Venetian fortress and some Byzantine architecture too. So even history buffs will find lots to add to their itinerary on a Sailo yacht charter.


And for some other things to do in Zadar, the city also has three of Croatia’s best national parks on its doorstep. Krka is probably the pick of the bunch, with the incredible seven cascades waterfall. Looking out to sea, there are plenty of islands and stunning Dalmatian coastline to explore on Zadar by sailboat trips. Just by standing on the harbourside you’ll be able to see Ugljan Island in the near distance, tempting you to jump in a boat and sail across the strait.


Picking up a yacht charter in Zadar is simple with Sailo. From day trippers to week long sailing excursions, you’ll find plenty of options for boat rental from Zadar. If you’re looking to hit the seas with friends and family, there is a great selection of monohull sailboats or catamarans. Or if you want to organise a luxurious cruise then charter a yacht in Zadar for a big group, perfect for pre or post festival events.

There are plenty of Zadar boat trips you can plan for. Browse Sailo’s selection of boat rentals and explore the beautiful islands of the Dalmatian Coast at your leisure.


Marina Tankerkomerc, Zadar

Marina Sangulin, Biograd

Marina Dalmacija, Sukosan

Marina Kornati, Biograd

Zadar Port

Marina D-Marin Borik

Zadar Boat Trips to Ugljan & Pasman Islands


You could almost swim from Zadar to Ugljan Island, but resist the urge a rent a boat in Zadar instead. Only a 25 minute boat ride from Zadar’s waterfront, if you’re looking for a boat trip for a day then you’ll likely end up on Ugljan. Blessed with countless small bays and beaches, it makes the perfect day trip with a Sailo yacht charter.


Pasman is linked to Ugljan by a small road bridge, and is your best option for sandy beaches. Both of the islands are sparsely populated and with very few hotels, so a yacht charter from Zadar is one of the best things to do for visitors.

Yacht Charter to Galešnjak Island


Situated between Pasman and the mainland is this charming heart-shaped island. Although it’s uninhabited, many people flock to ‘lovers island’ for Valentines day or even to pop the question to their loved ones. The island itself is mostly shingle sand and scrubland, and there are no restaurants or cafes. But bring a picnic and your snorkel and you’ll find Galesnjak to make a great destinations for your Zadar boat trips.

If you’re planning on camping on the island, you will need permission first as the island is privately owned. Ask at the tourist office in Zadar (or Split) before you set sail on your yacht charter.

Zadar Boat trips to Dugi Otok Islands


The largest island in the Zadar archipelago, Dugi Otok is a diverse landscape offering loads to do both on the sea and on the land. In the north, many head to Saharun beach with boat trips or yacht charters, a white shingle beach which hosts lively parties throughout the summer.

At the other end of the island you’ll find a more sedate way of life, including the Telašćica nature reserve and the inland Lake Mir which is perfect for mooring and enjoying the serenity. Dugi Otok also offers some of the best diving in Croatia, so make sure to bring snorkel gear or book a diving trip on the island.

Kornati Islands


Just south of Dugi Otok, the Kornati Islands are part of a huge nature reserve. The islands are perfect for lazily sailing around with a yacht charter from Zadar, with plenty of quiet bays and beaches where you can stop and enjoy a picnic and some swimming. Rasip is probably the best place in the region to go diving or snorkelling, and with the area a protected biosphere, the sealife is practically teeming.

If your belly starts to grumble, you’ll find small villages with cafes and restaurants waiting for you. You’ll enjoy freshly cooked fish and lamb and delicious wines, and you’ll likely be part of just a handful of visitors, even in high season.

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