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134 Rent a Boat in Trogir, Croatia

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Try Yacht Charters in Trogir Marina, Croatia with Sailo!

Are you looking for a yacht charter Trogir, Croatia? Take the vacation of a lifetime when you travel to Croatia. This slice of paradise is often just a stop on many Croatia sailing trips, so why not make it the home base for your Medeterranean getaway? Nestled on a small island between mainland Croatia and the island of Ciovo, Trogir is a city with enough rich history, charming atmosphere, and bustling activities to make it the perfect base for your boating adventure in the Adriatic sea. And with all of the breathtaking destinations along the Dalmatian Coast, there are so many reasons to rent a boat in Trogir on your next Croatia vacation. Follow along with us as we share our top travel tips for sailing from and around Trogir.

Weekly yacht charter in Trogir

The best way to see Croatia’s beautiful coastal destinations is by boat, and there’s no better place to start your yachting adventure than Trogir. We recommend to rent a boat from Trogir for at least one week in order to maximize your time when touring the country’s unforgettable sites. Sailo offers a variety of weekly boat rentals, including sailboats, catamarans, motor boats, and party boats, and you are able to truly customize your yacht charter and vacation to fit your plans and l needs.

The best time of year for a yacht charter in Trogir is spring and early fall, as you will be met with mild weather, calm waters, and manageable crowd levels throughout Croatia during this time. Remember that we recommend booking your rental months to a year in advance in order to ensure you are able to secure the yacht of your choice before your trip. With all of the features Sailo has to offer, making a reservation this far ahead of time will be a breeze.

Not ready to book? Use the option "Reserve for Free" when you rent a boat in Trogir!

There are so many reasons to book a yacht charter on Sailo, but one of the most useful features is the ability to reserve for free. You have the option of reserving when you rent a boat in Trogir, cancelling anytime, and customizing your quote free of charge within the first 24 hours of booking. This gives you the opportunity to do your research and make sure your quote is customized to fit your ideal sailing vacation before you make your decision. The customizable quotes on Sailo also give you the ability to rent a boat that is specific to your trip and travel party. You can rent a bareboat boat or hire a skipper or host to assist you, add extras like scuba and snorkel gear, book transportation to and from the marina, and so much more when choosing your perfect rental.

What to do in Trogir?

Just a quick drive or boat ride away from Split, Trogir is a beautiful city full of medieval architecture, coastal views, and gorgeous promenades. There is so much to do here, so we recommend spending some time getting to know the area’s history and culture before embarking on your sailing tour of the Dalmatian coast. Fly into Split and give yourself one or two days of exploring Trogir before chartering your yacht. Take a self-guided walking tour of all the historic sites, like St. Lawrence’s Cathedral and Kamerlengo Castle. Get lost wandering through Trogir’s marble streets lined with beautiful buildings, shops, and cafes, and be sure to spend some time admiring the coastline of Medena Beach at sunset. You won’t regret starting your Croatia adventure from here.

One week boating itinerary from Trogir

Croatia is hard to be explored in only a couple of days, so here’s an example of a one-week sailing itinerary to give you an idea of all of the epic adventures you can have when you rent a boat from Trogir.

Set sail from Trogir for your first stop: Brac. This peaceful island is known as a true treasure off the Adriatic coast, with its white-sand beaches and clear blue bays that make it every ocean lover’s dream. The next day, island hop over to Vis, where you can spend time wine tasting along the coast, a dream on any European vacation. Over the course of your week traveling Croatia, you can find yourself stopping at the historic and fun-filled island of Hvar, where you can spend a couple days exploring the towns of Hvar and Jelsa, as well as swimming and snorkeling in the island’s picturesque coves. Cruise back around Brac to the city of Pucisca, and finally stop in the city of Omis to check out the natural wonders of the river Cetina, where you can go rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and even dine in the countryside, all before making it back to Trogir when your week is through. There is so much to explore all along the coast of Croatia, so be sure to do your research and decide on your must-dos before heading out on your trip.

Ready to try a boat charter Trogir and plan your own Croatia getaway? Check out our available yacht charters to see where your next adventure takes you!

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