Washington State

Washington is replete with lakes and Islands that are perfect for vacations and parties. Read on to find out how you can enjoy this fantastic location

Sailing guide for exploring Washington

Sailing in Washington is easy if you know where to look. This guide tells you everything you need to know.

When you hear of the State of Washington, you'll probably think of high mountains, mirror-like lakes, old-fashioned buildings, and of course, the capitol. But Washington is also a great spot for a vacation. You’ll find amazing roadside attractions, abundant trees, and beautiful nature.

One obvious thing about Washington is its high number of rivers, lakes, and beaches that can be vacation destinations for travelers in the state. However, with all of these, travelers are often challenged with knowing which ones to visit when in Washington.

Thankfully, we will be discussing some beaches and lakes you should undoubtedly check out when you next visit Washington. Also, we’ll talk about opportunities related to boat rental in Washington, WA and where you can find party boat rentals in Washington, WA. Before that, here is what you should know about the State of Washington.

Washington in brief

Washington is the 2nd most populous state in the Western United States. It is the only state in the United States to be named after a United States President, George Washington, and it is commonly known as the Evergreen state because of the abundant trees in the area.

Washington shares borders with Oregon, the Pacific Ocean, Idaho, and the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is one of the wealthiest and most liberal states in the US, making it to the list as one of the best states in the country for low unemployment and high life expectancy.

Boating is another sure thing you’ll find in Washington. There are several sailing sites and,likewise, plenty of yacht charters in Washington, WA, and sailing boat rentals in Washington, WA that will surely spark your interest. Some of them are boat rentals in Los Angeles, CA, and boat rentals in San Francisco, CA. There are also party boat rentals in Seattle, WA, just like in other cities in the state, and there are party boat charters in Washington, WA.

Three top beaches to visit in Washington

You can visit many beaches in Washington to fish, sail, or party. Each of these beaches has unique features and can be explored, even if you do not have a boat. There are plenty of spots where you can rent a boat in Washington, WA. Better still, you can visit fishing boat rentals in Washington, if you'll plan on fishing within the area.

To help you streamline your search for great lakes to visit, you should read on. We’ve highlighted fishing boat rentals in Washington, WA, and Washington boat rentals.

Lake Diablo

Lake Diablo is the first on our list for obvious reasons, which you'll find out soon. The Lake is located in the heart of North Cascades National Park; it is glacier-fed, changing colors in different seasons of the year. In summer, Lake Diablo appears turquoise due to the eroded rock particles that have fallen into the lakes during winter. The rock particles refract light, causing the lake to take on a beautiful turquoise hue.

Another thing you'll notice when visiting Lake Diablo are the high mountains on both sides of the lake. It is a perfect view for visitors that wish to enjoy nature's beauty and wonders. Further, you can also sail in Lake Diablo. If you don't have a boat, you can visit sailboat rentals in Washington or rent a boat in California, seeing it is close to the lake.

Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Washington. It is located along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula. The beach is known for its beautiful landscapes, pool tides, and calm scenery, but also for its colorful sea life and Instagram-worthy views under the stars, in thick coastal forests.

The beach is accessible to different states because of its location. Therefore, boats from Oregon, California, and Seattle can easily get there. So, if you're camping in the area, you can rent boats from boat rentals in Seattle, WA, and boat rentals in San Diego, CA. And if you wish to sail all through the river, there are sailboat rentals in Seattle, WA which you can check out.

San Juan Island

San Juan Island is another very interesting landmark you must visit in Washington. The island is close to the Canadian border and is perfect for family vacations and parties. You can visit party boat rentals in Seattle, WA fit to accommodate all your family and friends,and then enjoy the lush forests and abundant wildlife of the island.

Other amazing opportunities near Washington

If you want to explore and spend your vacation on a California beach, take a trip to Newport Beach, California.

Without a doubt, Newport Beachhas one of the largest ports in California, with boats filling its harbor. You can also use boat rentals in Marina del Rey, CA, and boat rentals in Newport Beach, CA, to reachNewport Beach and it's great sailing experiences.

Party boat rentals in Washington will definitely offer their boats for parties if you don't really want to sail. You can easily go hiking or sightseeing if you don't plan any adventure on the water. There are plenty of beautiful sites in the State of Washington which will remain evergreen in your memory.

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