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Guide to Sailing in Marina del Rey

Sail the enchanting blue water of Marina del Rey

See the best beaches, sail the open waters, and enjoy Marina del Rey's luxuries.

Famous for its Whale and Seal watching cruises, Marina del Rey is one of the best seaside locations to visit in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, and Marina del Rey boat rentals are just a few of the water and land-based attractions that his lonely incorporated seaside community offers. Tourists stay for the great seaside hotels, restaurants, seasonal events, and amazing athleisure communities and activities.

Marina del Rey in Los Angeles County is a cultural touchstone in South California. Thousands flock there yearly to experience the scenic coastline by Marina del Rey yacht rentals and see beautiful aquatic creatures like whales, sea lions, seals, and dolphins.

Watersport is also a draw to the community like very few places rival the prestigious UCLA aquatic community in skill and experience.

Marina del Rey Beaches

Marina Beach is the most visited beach in the community, and it’s plugged into all the major attractions and excitement in Marina del Rey. Marina del Rey Harbor, Jamaica Bay Inn, and Marina del Rey Marriott are all minutes away, not covering the many, many attractions located on and around the beach itself.

Visit local food trucks, take an eBike tour of the beachside, and if you’re feeling an extra itch, look into the private sailboat charters in Marina del Rey if you're feeling an extra itch.

The Beach is small and clean, with a designated private swimming area in one of the Lagoons, and you can see the boat mooring. California boat rentals and Kayak rentals are available, including picnic benches and charcoal grills. The beach is relatively quiet despite the abundance of attractions, activities, and amenities.

Sailing Marina del Rey Area

Marina del Rey is home to one of the biggest Marinas in California, boasting over 5000 docked vessels. So if you’re looking for a party boat rental in Marina del Rey or a Marina del Rey catamaran rental, or a sailboat charters in Marina del Rey, then you’re in the right place.

You could visit any of the beaches or nearby locations via ferry from the docks. This means you can take a Marina del Rey boat rental to Catalina Island, sail over to Venice beach, or go sailing Marina del Rey waters and see whales, dolphins, and sea lions. When you’re done with that, you can treat yourself to a snorkeling trip on your Marina del Rey catamaran rental when you're done with that.

If you prefer to get ferried around instead, there is a ferry ride that can take you on a day trip to Catalina Island, showing you everything the city offers. The trip also takes you to Avalon city, showing you all the top sights and locations.

Guided Kayaking trips and sea-life cruises are also available. They take you far out to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and show you the local wildlife up close. That means you’ll see Humpback whales, Sperm Whales, Sharks, Sea birds, Dolphins, Sea Lions on your excursion.

Exciting Land Attractions

When you’ve sailed the local waters with your Marina del Rey catamaran rental or sailboat charter Marina del Rey, you can explore what the community has to offer proper, and it’s a lot.

There are several eBike tours, city tours, and a Hollywood sign tour you can sign up for if you’re looking to explore Southern California away from party yacht Marina del Rey. The tours are several hours long, sometimes lasting up to a full day, and they’re just the beginning of what you can do in the town. Then, spoil yourself by visiting local bars and restaurants and experiencing the best dining and entertainment the community offers.

If your heart is still on the water, you can also lookup yacht rental in Marina del Rey prices to get a jump on your next boating activity or check out the UCLA aquatic center. They give some of the best sailing and Kayaking lessons in the state.

Weather in Marina del Rey

It’s always a great time to look up sailing charter Marina del Rey. The weather ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees year-round, peaking in August. The weather remains fairly cool from January to February, making it perfect for a sailboat charter Marina del Rey. July to October, the weather remains hot but cooling off in November. If you have Marina del Rey boat rentals with captain, it’s never a bad time to book a trip.

Making Marina del Rey Sailing Trip

If you live in the US, your biggest concern should be planning ahead. Flying or driving in for the trip is fine, but you should focus more on contacting the hotel, charter company, and touring guides ahead of time if you can. It’ll save you lots of time and make your experience when Marina del Rey sailing smoother.

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