The ultimate guide to sailing in Spetses.

A guide to exploring Greece when sailing Spetses

Here’s a glimpse into the best beaches to visit in Spetses! This guide also contains a rich list of other amazing destinations on the island!

The island of Spetses is located in Attica, Greece, and is part of the Saronic Islands.

The main Spetses Town is a stunning island with a beautiful landscape perfect for strolling. The waters are also gorgeous, ideal for swimming and sailing in boat rentals in Spetses. The beaches host top yacht charters in Spetses, sophisticated restaurants, malls, and accommodation.

The best way to get to Spetses is by sea from Athens to the port of Piraeus. The yacht charters in Athens serve tourists daily, and you can get to Spetses very fast. A Spetses sailboat rental service operates daily from the port and from Ermioni, as well as Porto Heli on the Peloponnese.

Depending on your port destination, a sailing Spetses, Greece trip may take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Let us explore all the fun things to do when you rent a boat in Spetses, Greece.

Places to see in Spetses

Upon disembarking from the port in your Spetses yacht rentals, the Spetses Chancellery is the most significant landmark you will see. This was where the town elders met to deliberate and afterwards declared the War of Independence. In the early years, it was the first Town Hall in Spetses; it now has a shop and cafe on the ground floor.

The island has two famous museums; the Bouboulina Museum and the Hadjiyannis Mexis Museum. Hadjiyannis Mexis is located a few minutes’ walk from the Harbor, opening to the public from Tuesday to Saturday. The building was once the home of Hadjiyannis Mexis, a prominent revolutionary leader, and includes memorabilia and artifacts centered on the island’s history.

The Bouboulina Museum is privately-owned, with guided tours several times a day. Like the Mexis Museum, the building was also the residence of a revolutionary figure, meaning heroine Laskarina Bouboulina. The museum now exhibits artifacts and memorabilia from the independence day war period.

A popular tourist attraction in Spetses is the Old Harbor, one of the most visited sites on the island. The stroll to the Harbor takes you around Spetses Town, past the imposing mansions lined up on the road, and on to the marina, filled with Greece yacht charters of holidaying Athenians. You will also see the little church of the Panaghia Armata and the Lighthouse. There are also many cafes, bars, and restaurants for touring guests on the Old Harbor.

Agios Nikolaos is a former monastery famous as the fortified location where the Spetsiots declared the War of Independence.

The Aghios Pantes nunnery is not far from Spetses Town and has breathtaking views of the beach of Agia Marina and the island of Spetsopoula. On a clear day, you can see tourists on their motor yacht charters in Greece as far as Hydra and the Mountain of Parnon on the Peloponnese.

Top beaches in Spetses

The beaches are the main reason to hire a boat in Spetses. The most popular beaches in Spetses are Aghios Anargyroi and Agia Paraskevi. Rent a boat in Spetses to explore these lovely beaches, lined with rocky formations and views of surrounding islands. Agioi Anargyroi has a fascinating cave, the Bekiris Cave. It comes with its own sandy beach, and you can also swim in its warm waters.

The stunning Zogeria Beach is in the northern part of the island. Take the sailboat charters in Greece from the island to the beach, which boasts a restaurant, as well as clean and calm water for sailing.

Kaiki Beach is a pleasant beach not far from the main island road. This beach is very developed: it hosts a bar, a restroom, changing facilities, and sun beds. The water is also good; you can rent catamaran in Greece to sail on it.

Top beaches near Spetses

Hop on the yacht charters in Ios, Greece to Kalamos, one of the most beautiful beaches in Ios. It is located to the south of the island, and its calming atmosphere is a top draw for tourists who want to enjoy the sunset in Greece.

Ammolofoi Beach is a top beach located in Kavala. It has a long stretch of sand and a joyful breeze, especially during the summer. The beach also hosts beach bars for tourists eager to party long into the night. If you want to enjoy a swim, Kavala boat rentals services offer cruise tours for tourists.

Parasporos beach is a famous tourist beach located in Paros. It is popular with tourists due to its beautiful background, ocean views, beach bars, and restaurants. You can get a sunbed to sunbathe on the beach or also order a Paros yacht charter to cruise on the water.

Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination near Spetses, and Agios Nikolaos is one of its most famous beaches. This popular beach resort is the ideal location for watersports and scuba diving, among other recreational activities. If you are not up for a challenge, you can also take Zakynthos yacht rentals cruises around the beach.

Drapanias beach is one of the best beaches in Greece, located in Chania. It is a quiet pebbled beach, loved by tourists because it is less crowded. It provides a relaxing spot for family vacations and picnics, and boasts cruises on the water in Chania boat rentals.

Prassonissi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes. It is a secluded beach, so you and your family can go there for some quality family time on Rhodes. The sandy beaches flow into the sea from the small peninsula, giving it a gorgeous backdrop. Take the yacht rentals in Rhodes, and sail there to explore the beach.

Enjoy your visit to Spetses

Spetses has everything for tourists. The history, landscape, art, culture, food, museums, historical landmarks, and beaches offer some of the top tourist experiences you will ever find.

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