Visit Corfu, where the cuisine is fantastic, the castles and monuments are breathtaking and the beaches and coastline are a wonder

How to enjoy sailing the beautiful, scenic beaches of Corfu

Explore the ancient Greek civilization and the birthplace of democracy in Corfu

The Island town of Corfu, Greece, is one of the most beautiful and scenic islands in the Ionian peninsula. With a rich Greek, Venetian, French and English history, Corfu is a combination of several civilizations and is the perfect setting for a holiday full of adventure.

Getting to Corfu

Corfu has an International Airport, and the shortest trip is from neighboring Athens. If you are a luxury traveler, Greece yacht charters depart from nearby Igoumenitsa daily, so you can easily find your way. Or, you can rent a boat Corfu to get there. You can also reach the town by taking a ferry from Italy. There, you’ll find the best motor yacht charters in Greece.

Marvel at Corfu’s amazing Ionian Cuisine

Corfu boasts some of the finest cuisines in Europe, with most found in Corfu, especially in the Old Town. You will find elegant restaurants, traditional taverns, and regular dining spots all over the city.


Aktaion is a charming cafe and bar located opposite the old fortress of Corfu. It provides a breathtaking view of the skyline, sea and fortress, and great food. The combined experience gives you a perfect glimpse into what Aktaion has to offer. You can easily spot tourists sailing Corfu from inside the cafes.


Etrusco is also a top choice, and you’ll be glad to know that it’s one of the top 100 restaurants in the world. There’s an in-house garden where all the fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs used in the recipes are harvested. Etrusco offers a menu inspired by both local and international cuisines such as “Royal a la Grecque”, the corfiot “tsigareli”, “glikadi savoro” and crab "bianco" caviar.

Naok Azur

Naok Azur, close to Spianada Square, is a lovely all-day cafe. You will get an amazing view of the Ionian sea and all the tourists sailing Corfu. The menu offers sumptuous meals like fresh fish, seafood and local Corfiot dishes, paired with fine wine recommendations from the restaurant’s sommelier.

For exclusive dining, the beaches in Corfu set the backdrop for dining on the beach. Rent a yacht Corfu through the many yacht rental Corfu services available in the town and enjoy a fine dining experience on the beach.

Corfu has some of the best sights and attractions in Greece

Get up on the hills and enjoy the view of the famous Mouse Island and the little church of Panagia. There is also the Fortress of Corfu next to Spianada square and Liston. It is a prehistoric castle built on a peninsula into the sea and connected to the mainland by a narrow bridge. Rent catamaran in Greece to explore the waterline.

The New Fortress of Corfu has an interesting history; it served as a point of defense of the town against pirates and enemies in Medieval times. In addition, the entire fortress is a complex maze and served as a rallying point during times of war and siege.

The church of Saint Spyridon is another great location to visit. It is located in the Old Town of Corfu, right behind Liston. The church is famous for its bell tower, the largest and most visible. Its red dome is one of the first things you’ll see when you arrive by bareboat charter Corfu.

Finally, there is the mythical islet of Vidos located right at the entrance of Corfu port. Catamaran rental in Corfu are available from the old port if you want to explore the mysterious islet before heading to the mainland. It has small beaches to swim, trekking paths and a nice tavern to relax.

Sail through Corfu’s beautiful, scenic beaches

Paleokastritsa is quite famous, if not the most famous beach on the Island. It is a picturesque beach resort with huge, green cliffs surrounding the coast and many caves. Make sure to rent a boat Corfu and explore the beautiful area.

There is also the equally popular Agios Gordios. This sandy beach is surrounded by impressive rock formations, greenery and tourist facilities from which you can get your Corfu sailing itinerary.

Rovinia beach is another great spot to add to your list. It is a beautiful beach located in Paleokastritsa. You can only get there by boat, so you will have to choose one of the various catamaran charter Corfu services. Alternatively, there is a hiking path from Liapades, but this takes longer.

When you want luxury, it does not get better than Kavos beach. Kavos is the most popular resort in southern Corfu and a busy place with tourists who hang out at the beach from early morning until late. The finest Greece yacht charters are in Kavos, allowing you to explore the pebbled beach with beautiful, clean water.

Barbati is a secluded beach north of Ipsos. It has unusually large pebbles, clear water and beautiful vegetation. The beach also has some of the best sailboat charters in Greece, so getting a catamaran Corfu will be a breeze.

Corfu is a must-see for all fun seekers

Corfu has everything for everyone. You can get lost in the narrow alleys, visit the historic museums filled with rich history, walk down the famous Liston promenade, and check out the Spianada square.

The Town also has the best nightlife on the island, with lounge bars in the Old Port and clubs close to the New Port. Get a luxury Yacht charter Corfu for parties, dining experiences and festivities away from the quiet town and into the lively beaches. If your budget is a little slimmer, consider getting a boat hire Corfu to take a tour of the beaches nestled in sandy coves, surrounded by green forests and mountains.

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