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14 Yacht Charters & Boat Rentals in Corfu, Greece

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Rent a Boat in Corfu, Greece with Sailo!

Welcome to Sailo — TOP boat rentals for Corfu sailing place! This Greek island paradise is the perfect blend of rich history and modern luxury. One of the most popular destinations in all of the Ionian islands sailing cruises, Corfu truly is one of a kind, with its natural landscape, historic monuments, unique nightlife, and picture-perfect views from every corner of the island. This is one of the Greek gems that make this country such a wonderful place to explore, so climb aboard your boat rental in Corfu and get ready for your perfect Mediterranean getaway.

How to rent a boat charter in Corfu?

Corfu is a place that looks right out of a travel magazine, and Sailo offers more than enough sailboat charters in Greece and catamaran rentals in Greece to satisfy every traveler or group visiting this island. The island is absolutely stunning with its classic architecture, local artists, and breathtaking sights no matter where you look. Whether you want to visit a town with amazing nightlife, a slice of Greek history, or find a convenient home base for a sailing vacation, this is a great place to start your Corfu boat hire trip. 

Corfu is also very convenient to fly to. With the international airport located on the island, you can fly directly from a major European city, or plan a couple of days on land in Athens before flying to the island. 

Additionally, when you book a boat rental in Corfu for sailing one week or longer, you give yourself a chance to explore everything the surrounding area has in store, from dining in local fishing villages to the charming towns on the country’s mainland coast. There is so much to see and do by land and sea in Greece and the Greek islands that one week should be the minimum length for your trip on your private Corfu boat for hire.

Keep in mind that yacht charters in Corfu is just one of the sailing destinations in Greece for you to explore. If you decide for a Corfu boat hire for longer than one week, you can spend some time sailing all of the Greek islands in the Mediterranean, from the Dodecanese islands sailing on the Eastern seas of Greece to Athens day trips sailing cruises on the country’s mainland. There is so much to see and do in this popular boating area of Europe; once you get a taste of Corfu yacht hire for a week, you won’t want your vacation to end!

A yacht charter for Corfu sailing with the unique benefits on Sailo

There are so many reasons to book with Sailo when renting a boat in Corfu, one of them being the stress-free rental process that our website has to offer. It’s never been easier to find the rental of your dreams, because you can use the search filters on Sailo to search by boat type, travel dates, price rance, party size, and crew or captain as needed. You also won’t have to worry about hidden fees or obligations with renting a boat on Sailo, because within 24 hours you can reserve your yacht charter in Corfu for free, modify the reservation to fit the needs of your travel dates and party, and cancel if it doesn’t work out for you. For many of the listings, Sailo also offers the option of a Corfu boat for hire with captain, or renting a bareboat if you have sailing experience. 

One week itinerary on a boat rental from Corfu

Spend some time exploring the beautiful Corfu by sailing trip before you embark on your week-long. During the day before you leave Corfu, stroll through Corfu Town, full of delicious local food, gorgeous views, and of course the famous unforgettable nightlife. After you’ve gotten your fix of the natural beauty and fun that Corfu has to offer, hop aboard your boat rental in Corfu and set sail for the islands nearby, starting with Paxos just 10 miles away. Paxos is a true gem of the Ionian isea with its picturesque coastline that you shouldn’t miss. Explore Paxos during the day and drop anchor for the night at one of the four marinas. From Paxos, we recommend sailing east to mainland Greece and stopping at a variety of beaches and bays to check out the local scene and an area of Greece you may not have visited before. Visit Plataria, Mourtos, and Sayiadha over the next few days traveling up the coast on your boat for hire, and be sure to dock at one of these cities' beautiful marinas to stretch your legs, check out the local beaches, and feast on some authentic food. Head back to Corfu for your last night to explore the beautiful fishing villages on the north side of the island before you end your trip.

There’s no better time than the present to book the vacation of your dreams. Climb aboard on your Corfu boat rental and sail to paradise before you miss the chance!

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