Things to Do by Boat in the Greek Islands

Beautiful beaches, ancient history and epic parties

Greece is an eclectic mix of modern and history, offering everybody a chance to experience something different. Our friends in Athens recommend hopping on your Sailo boat and sail your way to Mykonos - the perfect starting point for day trips to Naoussa in Paros, and to Delos or Rinia island. Do not miss the famous parties at Paradise Beach and make sure you take your time to relax at Buddha Bar in Mykonos. There are so many things to do by boat in Greek islands… Read on!

Alimos, Athens, Greece

Between Pier 2 and 3 Alimos, Athens, Greece

Alimos, Athens, Greece

Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece

Nonstop party on a perfect beach? Sounds like so much fun! This iconic beach is a must for party people from all over the world. Drop your anchor and join the crowd at Tropicana Club, where party starts every day at 4:30pm. Beautiful people, shots and cocktails, delicious Greek delicacies - all the ingredients to make your holiday in Mykonos very hard to forget.

Day trip to Naoussa, Paros

There is a reason why Paros island ranks the third as most popular holiday destination in Greece. This little island is perfect for a day trip from Mykonos: beautiful beaches, Greek traditional houses, great food and the unique fun and relaxed Greek atmosphere. Dock your Sailo boat at the old fishing port of Naoussa - the most cosmopolitan town on the island - and check out the lively bars and dancing clubs.

Chill out at Buddha Bar in Mykonos

Are you looking for a chill out evening with a stunning view over the Aegean sea? Try Buddha Bar Beach, Mykonos to enjoy the unique experience guaranteed by the signature atmosphere of this renowned restaurant: fusion Mediterranean cuisine, delicious cocktails, and music played by world famous DJ’s. Buddha Bar, Mykonos is for sure the perfect backdrop for your introduction to the seductive world of fine cuisine and chill out music.

Island of Delos - The Sacred Island

Delos island is a small, rocky island in the middle of Aegean sea, famous for the ample archeological site of Apollo’s sanctuary. A short boat ride from Mykonos will land you in the fascinating world of Delos - one of the most prosperous ports in ancient Greece. Colorful frescoes, richly decorated mosaic floors, ruins of luxurious houses and temples, offer the visitor the chance to travel back in time, to an era when this island was considered the greatest commercial center of the world.

Day trip to Rineia Island

We have no doubt that your list of things to do by boat in Greek islands is quite long by now. However, Sailo local experts recommend a boat trip to the deserted island of Rineia, located very close to Delos island. Drop your anchor in the bay and enjoy a quiet and private swim in the incredible turquoise waters - a perfect way to recharge your batteries for the next party at Paradise Beach, back on Mykonos!

Explore Antiparos Cave

Antiparos is a small island, very close to Paros, very popular for its cave that most think to be the oldest one in Greece. Hop off your Sailo boat for a fascinating trip into Neolithic period and explore the mysterious, extensive galleries. Look for the signatures of illustrious visitors that carved their names on the stalactites and stalagmites, like Lord Byron and King Otto of Greece.

Sail in Naoussa Bay, Paros

Kolimbithres beach is one of the most spectacular places on Paros, definitely something that you should experience while you’re there. Located in the Naoussa bay, this wonderful work on nature displays big blocks of granite sculpted over centuries by wind and sea. Anchor your Sailo boat and find your own private sandy cove where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and the amazing landscape.

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