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239 Boat Rentals in Athens, Greece: Yacht Charters

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Rent a Boat Athens | Sailo Best Deals for Weekly Rentals in Greece

Looking for a boat charter in Athens? With Sailo, it’s easy to rent a boat for as long as you wish. From a day trips from Athens, Greece to a week-long sailing vacation. Greetings from Athens, Greece! There’s no better place to start your Greek getaway than Athens. Here, the spirit of the Mediterranean comes alive with enriching history, classic architecture, unforgettable cuisine, and breathtaking views that are worth more than any Instagram-worthy picture. Sailing Athens is the ideal place to start your vacation because of its convenient proximity to all of the best sailing destinations in Greece has to offer. You can see every Greek port and island worth visiting on your vacation sailing from Athens. So climb aboard your Athens yacht charter and set sail for adventure; you won’t want to miss out on the beauty of the Aegean and Ionian seas!

Weekly yacht charter in Athens, Greece

There are almost endless rental options for your boating tour of Greece, so you have plenty of vacation possibilities available for your Athens boating adventure. Sailo for a week-long or for day trips offers sailboat rentals in Athens, catamaran charters in Athens, and motor boats in Athens available for daily and weekly boat rentals from Athens, and your charter is entirely customizable to your travel preferences, guests, and vacation bucket list.

We highly suggest taking advantage of Sailo’s weekly rentals features when you rent a boat from Athens for your upcoming Greek getaway. You can reserve for free for 24 hrs the yacht charter of your choice, modify the reservation to your preferences, and even cancel if you decide it is not the right one for you. You can also customize your yacht charter by hiring a skipper or rent a boat without a captain. Using the Sailo search filters will also allow you to search by boat type, travel dates, price range, party size to rent the right party boat in Athens, and crew or captain as needed.

What to know when sailing for a day trip from Athens

We recommend sailing in Greece for at least one week so you can truly experience everything the beautiful Mediterranean sea has to offer. From the history and culture of Athens to the gorgeous sailing in the Ionian Islands, sailing in the Dodecanese Islands, and a lot of things to do by boat in Cyclades Islands, there is so much to do and see that you could sail the sea for a month and never want your vacation to end. Book one of our great deals for weekly boat rentals in Athens and immerse yourself in the heart of Greece for a true European boating experience.

Keep in mind that the best time of year to visit Greece is late April through the month of June or mid-to-late September so you can avoid the tourist crowds in July and August. Rent a boat from Athens - an incredibly convenient area to sail from due to its proximity to one of Greece’s most popular airports, located right in the capital city. When booking your yacht charter, you can even add transportation to and from the port, making vacation planning even easier. When you fly for a day trips from Athens sailing, we recommend giving yourself at least a day or two before or after you begin sailing to get to know the city and take advantage of the historic sites and gorgeous views from one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

One week Athens boating itinerary

Day trips by boat charter from Athens isn't enough for you to deeply feel Greece and its nature? If you’re planning a trip on a yacht charter in Greece for one week or more, it’s important to keep in mind a bucket list of must-do items during your sailing vacation. Here is an example of what you can see and do by land and sea when you rent a boat in Athens for a week-long sailing vacation.

Embark on your yacht charter from Athens to the beautiful island of Aegina, where you can take a stroll to enjoy gorgeous views and stock up on delicious fare from the town’s marketplaces. Visit Aegina’s temple of Aphaia, one of the most breathtaking sanctuary ruins that dates back to 500 B.C. From Aegina, set course for Poros for clear, tranquil waters and quaint, small-town hospitality. By the next day you’ll sail back through Poros lagoon and reach Epidavros, where you can see some more historic sites like the sanctuary of Asklepios and even ancient burial monuments. Next, visit Korfos for local seafood and swimming, and then sail to Agistri for an authentic taste of Greek life, with cobbled streets, quiet beaches, and a beautiful countryside setting. Head back to Aegina on your last day to visit the town’s other attractions, dine on specialty cuisine, or even revisit some of your favorite sites. Whatever you get up to on your Athens sailing adventure, we’re sure you’ll find what you came for: beauty, relaxation, and fun.

Ready do explore Greece with day trips from Athens by private yacht charter in Athens available for a week-long vacation or one of our weekly boat rentals from Athens? Start browsing Sailo’s incomparable inventory and book your vacation of a lifetime!