Day Trips from Athens on a Sailo Yacht

Hit the high seas on a day trip from Athens with a Sailo boat rental

One of the great cities of the ancient world, Athens is a fascinating mixture of old and new begging for exploration. Although, and let’s be honest here, she isn’t the best looking city in Europe, you’ll find lots to do and plenty of fascinating historical sights. The must visit wonder of the Acropolis is the crown jewels of Athens, with many ancient monuments to explore. But if you want to get out of town there are a lot of day trip opportunities from Athens.

The waterfront of Athens is lined with several marinas, reflecting the cities maritime history. Today, you’re less likely to find marauding conquerors and traders, and more likely to find ferries, pleasure cruisers and yacht rentals for every type of visitor.

Sailo offers a great selection of boat rentals for day trips from Athens. Or if you prefer something for longer, you could also rent a yacht to explore the beautiful coastline. No matter how long you have, there are many options to go sailing.

Alimos, Athens, Greece


Between Pier 2 and 3 Alimos, Athens, Greece

Alimos, Athens, Greece

Rent a Yacht from Athens to Cape Sounion


At the end of the Attica peninsula, Cape Sounion makes a perfect day trip by boat from Athens. The cruise takes you along the peninsula, with many options to stop and explore beaches and coves with your snorkel gear. Once you reach Cape Sounion you’re greeted by the Temple of Poseidon, one of the great temples of the golden age of Athens.

The temple is dedicated to Poseidon, the God of the seas, and one of the most feared and respected of the deities in ancient Greek mythology. Today the ruins make a great location to enjoy the views or a stunning sunset.

Day trip to Spetses Island


Just west of Hydra you’ll come to Spetses, another well to do island that makes a great day trip from Athens. If you’re looking for those sandy beaches then Spetses is the place to come, with plenty of choice dotted around the coastline.

The main town on Spetses is nestled on the side of a hill, perfect for aimless wandering and stopping for a coffee or a spot of shopping. Rent a yacht from Athens and do not miss this Greek gem of an island!

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Day Trips from Athens - Aegina


One of the closest of the Saronic Islands to the city of Athens, Aegina is of course a very popular day trip location. Although you can rent a yacht and be on the island in less than an hour from Athens, you can take your time to explore the coast and find your own corner of Aegina to enjoy.

Aegina town is quite large and home to the ancient Temple of Apollo, which is definitely worth a stop for history buffs. However the Temple of Aphaia is the jewel in the island’s crown, set on a hilltop with spectacular views across the island.

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Visit Kea Island on a Sailo Yacht


This island just beyond Cape Sounion can be done as a day trip from Athens with a yacht charter. Kea still feels relatively unspoiled, and there isn’t much here, but that’s part of the appeal. Athenians head here on the weekend to relax and you’re very unlikely to find non Greek visitors most of the time. That means there’s more beach for you, plenty of places to, swim, snorkel or just relax. If you’re looking for a more refined and ‘authentic’ Greek island experience, this might be your best choice!

Day Trips from Athens - Kithnos Island


Go beyond Kea and you’ll stumble upon another sleepy island, Kithnos (or Kythnos). By arriving in your Sailo yacht charter you’ll find a lot of places to set down the anchor. There are great choice of wide sandy beaches, some beautiful rolling hills to wander and sleepy villages where you can enjoy some traditional food and drink.

Like Kea, Kithnos has managed to avoid most of the mass tourism seen in most of Greece and instead thrives on local tourism and the yachting crowd. That means if you rent a yacht in Athens, you can enjoy the beauty of this unspoiled island for as long as you like.

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Rent a Yacht from Athens to Hydra island


One of the most popular islands for day trips from Athens, Hydra is just a few hours boat ride from Athens. In fact, Hydra has a reputation as a bit of a celebrity hangout, with many of the well to do heading here in the 1960s and 70s. Today you’ll find a well heeled hangout with well maintained stone mansions, and a more laid back pace of life which feels a million miles from bustling Athens.

Adding to the feeling is the lack of cars, which are mostly banned on Hydra. All movement of people and goods is done by donkey. Hydra is also mostly very hilly and lacking in the wide sandy beaches you might normally expect in Greece. Instead you’ll find small coves and beaches dotting the coastline, which are perfect for accessing by yacht charter.

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