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Rent a boat in Santorini with Sailo!

Looking to rent a boat in Santorini, Greece? Welcome to Santorini, the gem of Greece sailing paradise! This gorgeous island is possibly one of the most desired travel destinations in all of Europe. It is a place that so many travelers only dream about. The unforgettable breeze, seaside charm, picture-perfect architecture, and local Greek culture make this a destination worth visiting on any sailing trip by a boat hire in Spain yacht rental in Greece. With its famous sunset, breathtaking seaside views, and convenient location, it’s no wonder travelers around the world flock to this island every year for sailing vacations. Just like the Ionian or Dodecanese archipelago in the rest of Greece, there’s no better way to discover it than by boat rental from Santorini.

How to rent a boat in Santorini, Greece?

Sailo offers a wide variety of Santorini yacht charters to choose from for your vacation in Greece, so you can explore the Cyclades islands just as locals do when you rent your perfect boat rental from Santorini. You can select the sailboat of your choice based on your travel preferences and party size. And with our easy-to-use platform, renting a boat has never been easier.

When selecting a boat rental for a week-long sailing vacation on Sailo, you have a 24 hour reservation period, during which you can put a hold on a Santorini yacht charter until you decide to book it, or cancel if it isn’t right for you, all free of charge. Keep in mind that your Sailo Santorini yacht rental is customizable to your vacation needs, so you can choose the charter that fits your travel party size and dates, hire a skipper or rent a boat without a captain if you are a more experienced sailor, and even add extras like transportation to and from the marina. No matter what type of boat rental in Santorini you're looking for, a sailing vacation planning is a breeze with Sailo’s flexible, customizable services.

What to Know Before You Go to Santorini Sunset Cruise

Whether this is your first visit to Santorini or you’ve had the opportunity to sail the island before, there are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you plan your trip. We recommend booking your boat rental in Santorini for the late spring (April through June) and early fall (mid-to-late September) in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather and avoid most of the midsummer crowds. Since you will want to plan your yacht rental in advance, make sure to check the local weather during the weeks leading up to your sailing vacation in order to ensure you pack accordingly. Additionally, each of the sites you visit during your week-long sailing vacation throughout Greece has its own unique scenery, dining options, and activities to offer, so be sure to keep in mind your personal must-dos, whether it’s fine dining, swimming in the Aegean, or anything else that suits your fancy.

How to Get to Santorini for a sailing trip

Many travelers also choose to do a longer Greece trip by flying into Athens first and spending a few days on the country’s mainland before heading to the island of their choice. This is a great option if you are looking to save money on flights, as it can be pricey to fly to Santorini from your home airport. Check out our guide to Athens if you're interested in exploring other areas of Greece before or after you rent a boat in the Cyclades islands.

One Week Santorini Sailing Vacation

The southern Cyclades islands are one of the most beautiful areas to rent a boat in all of Greece, and if given the opportunity, we always suggest starting off your adventures from the picturesque island setting of Santorini. After you spend a day or two exploring the island on land (and of course enjoying those iconic sunsets over the caldera), hop aboard your private boat rental from Santorini and set course for your first stop, Amorgos. This island is full of plenty to do and see, from the authentic Greek architecture to the beauty of the rocky landscape, and it's the perfect stop for a slice of history. From there, sail to Paros, and spend a day or two swimming in the Aegean, indulging in Mediterranean cuisine, and trying out some water sports off the island’s coast. Next head to Sifnos to drop anchor at Kamares, the only harbor on this beautiful island. Check out the local tavernas for delicious food and drinks. The last stop on your yacht rental will be Folegandros, once called Greece’s most beautiful hidden gems, for some relaxation in the seaside breeze. Head back to Santorini and soak up as many more sunsets as your trip will allow before your sailng vacation has to come to an end.

Looking to rent a boat in Santorini? Greece is calling your name. Choose a boat rental in Santorini like this one and see what the island has in store for your dream trip!

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