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63 Boat Hire in Lefkada, Greece: Yacht Charters


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Rent a Boat in Lefkada, Greece with Sailo!

Are you looking to hire a boat in Lefkada? Greetings from Lefkada sailing Greece paradise with Sailo! This is known as one of the most gorgeous locations for a yacht rental in Greece and for good reason. The island connected to the mainland by a causeway has beautiful beaches, bright blue waters, and enough seaside dining and activities for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with its location within the Ionian sea and other famous destinations throughout the Mediterranean, who wouldn’t want to add it to the top of your travel bucket list?

Yacht charter in Lefkada, Greece for a week

If you’re looking for the perfect home base for a Mediterranean sailing trip, this is the place to start. Sailo offers plenty of Lefkada catamaran charters, sailboat charters in Lefkada, and motor boats to choose from for your boating vacation, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect Lefkada yacht rental for your party size, travel dates, and preferences.

At least one week is recommended when sailing around Lefkada, Greece. This is considered by many of our sailor-friends one of the most beautiful places in all the Ionian sea, so when traveling to this city you’ll want to give yourself a few days to explore the area before embarking on your adventure at sea. Take your time meandering the old-town streets, feasting on authentic cuisine, and relaxing on the white sand beaches. After you’ve soaked up some sun, board your boat and sail around the Ionian sea for a week (or more, if you fall in love with Greece like we did!

Rent a yacht in Lefkada for sailing

One of the most desired perks of booking your trip with Sailo is how customizable and convenient our platform is. From start to finish, renting a boat in Lefkada is easy and stress-free. Using the Sailo search filters, you can find your perfect rental by boat type — sailboat, catamaran or motor boat, price, party size, travel dates, and captain included or not. Additionally, our rental quotes are no-obligation: for 24 hours, you can customize your quote and submit a free reservation, modify the reservation, and cancel if it isn’t the right choice for you. Many of our listings offer the option of renting with or without a captain depending on your vacation needs and sailing experience.

Visiting Lefkada by a boat charter

There are so many reasons why vacationers love visiting this laid-back Greek island, one of which is its convenient location. Lefkada truly has it all: beautiful seaside scenery, island lifestyle, and an authentic Greek atmosphere everywhere you look. And since it is so close to mainland Greece and to so many other island destinations, there really is no reason not to rent a boat from Lefkada. During your vacation, be sure to check out the west coast beaches of Porto Katsiki and Egremeni for swimming, sunbathing, and even cliff diving. Explore Vasiliki village for dining and shopping, or go windsurfing at Vasiliki beach. Seeing the waterfalls of Nidri are a must-do, as well, so budget for time to do everything on your list before you leave the island on your boat rental.

Remember that the most popular time for sailing Lefkada is spring through early fall, but we recommend visiting in April through June or September to avoid peak tourist crowds in July and August. Also keep in mind traveling to and from the island. Aktion Preveza Airport is located on mainland Greece only around only 15 minutes away from the island, and you can take a bus or taxi easily from the airport.

Lefkada is a great destination to consider for a week-long island-hopping sailing vacation in Greece. It’s a reasonable distance from plenty of other popular destinations in the Ionian sea. Sailo also offers other boat rentals throughout Greece in destinations like Athens by a yacht charter and the Dodecanese islands, so you can spend even more time exploring the beautiful country by renting a boat at each of these locations.

One week Greek in Lefkada sailing itinerary

Start off your Greece adventure from Lefkada, one of the most amazing destinations on the country’s west coast. After spending a day or two exploring this gorgeous place, climb aboard your boat rental and set course for the first stop on your week-long trip: Palairos. Known for picturesque hidden coves, authentic Greek atmosphere, and waterfront tavernas, you’re sure to find both fun and relaxation here. Stop at Kalamos on the next day of your trip to experience the stunning blue waters of the Ionian sea off the coast of this amazing mountainous island. Over the next few days, head to Kastos for picture-perfect scenery and delicious food, Meganisi for natural island beauty and serene atmosphere, and Sivota, a charming village with protected beaches and coves with crystal clear waters. With only one week sailing the Ionian sea, you’re sure to have enough experiences that will have you maybe wanting to extend your trip.

What are you waiting for? Rent a yacht in Lefkada today!

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