Santorini is more than just the pretty Instagram pictures. Read on to discover why it’s one of the most visited Greek islands.

Sailing in Santorini

The beautiful island of Santorini has something in store for everyone who visits. Here are some things you can look forward to.

Santorini is as picturesque as any other vacation spot you can imagine. From the beautiful cascading white buildings in Oia to the well preserved “remains of Atlantis,” Santorini really is the most beautiful island in all of Greece.

But don't worry; there are tons of fun sea activities to do there, from swimming and snorkeling to Santorini sailing tours. The best approach here is to rent a boat Santorini before making your trip, so you can arrive with everything ready to go.

Let’s dive into the beauty of this Greek island and see why you need to visit as quickly as possible and go sailing Santorini!

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Oia

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Santorini on Instagram where the subjects are. not on a Santorini catamaran, the odds are that they are watching the sunset in Oia. Oia is a small village, home to unique whitewashed houses that overlook a vast caldera.

The village’s unique positioning allows you to watch the sunrise and sunset without obstructions. The view of the rest of Oia is also stunning, so much so that one could be forgiven for refusing to rent a boat Santorini and instead stay there for the entire trip.

But don’t! Because Santorini has a whole lot more to offer

Go on a catamaran cruise Santorini

Now we are getting to the fun parts of the trip. You can get a Santorini catamaran charter to help you explore the beautiful parts of the island unsullied by land. Your route will probably take you past a volcanic island where you can see the beautiful aftermath of the tragic volcanic eruption that occurred 3,000 years ago.

Other fun things to do on your Santorini yacht rental or Santorini yacht tour include dining and taking lots of pictures. If we’re being honest, a vacation to the beautiful island is incomplete without some photos to immortalize the memory. More so if you’re on sailboat charters in Greece.

You can also go swimming, diving or snorkeling, depending on which activities you enjoy the most. Like many island destinations, Santorini is surrounded by crystal blue waters, so you’ll have the best swimming experience ever!

While we’re on the subject of sailing, it’s a good idea to rent catamaran in Greece and go on a cruise. These prearranged voyages are curated for tourists such as yourself, and they will show you amazing sights and experiences, including cuisine and drinks. The yacht charter Santorini captains may even entertain you with unique stories of the beautiful Greek island.

Visit amazing land sites

Santorini is tangled in the legend of Atlantis because many believe that the lost underwater city was once a part of the island. Remember the volcanic eruption? Well, it sank a huge chunk of the island. While you can’t see the sunken area, you can explore the remaining parts on foot.

You can also hike to the top of the Santorini volcano. You'd need any one of the Greece yacht charters widely available to get there. We often recommend a private catamaran Santorini, so you don’t have to fret about keeping anybody waiting.

Don’t worry, the volcano's asleep, so the only thing you’ll have to look out for is watching your step and ensuring that you make it to the top. If you take your swimming gear with you, there’s a nice surprise waiting at the bottom. Many Santorini catamaran rental services like to stop at certain geothermal spots at the base of the volcano, where the water heats up to a blissful temperature.

We also highly recommend that you visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse. However, you’ll have to ditch the catamaran tour Santorini to make it there. Instead, you‘ll need to rent a car or a quad bike to get to that spot there. It is totally worth the trip. While at the lighthouse, take a minute to take in the coastline with its undulating terrain. The view is unlike any other.

Getting to Santorini

Getting to Santorini is easy. The real trick is in planning your trip. If you’re like most people who only have a few days to enjoy Santorini, it’s critical to make every moment count. Book motor yacht charters in Greece or yacht Santorini if you prefer to travel in style.

Planning your spots is also a great idea. For example, will you check out the local food first, or are you eager to swim in the geothermal spots? If you are more tempted to visit Oia and take many pictures first, nobody would blame you!

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