Milos: A Greek island home to endless beaches, lagoons, and ancient villages

Sailing in Milos

Here’s how you can tour the scenic volcanic island of Milos to have the adventure of a lifetime

Located in Greece, Milos is one of the many islands built for tourism. Unlike Mykonos and Santorini, Milos gets considerably fewer tourists, which is a huge advantage because it’s never crowded.

There are beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisines, colorful sunsets and more, making Milos very suitable for unwinding and relaxing. Sailing Milos is the best way to enter the magical Grecian island to enjoy the surprises in store for you.

Explore the Beaches

The popular beaches of Milos are the best starting points for your vacation, and you will have no problem sailing Milos across these diverse beach destinations. Here are some of the best beaches to visit.

Sarakiniko Beach

Can’t pick a beach? We highly recommend Sarakiniko beach; it's a must-see while sailing tours Milos. The bay is covered with unique rock formations and endless white sands.

The beach gives an out-of-this-world vibe with its moonlike landscape and complimentary crystal clear surroundings. There’s no vegetative growth on the beach, and many believe it’s due to the volcanic rocks in the area. This absence of greenery gives it a unique aesthetic.

Kleftiko Beach

The pictures of Kleftiko beach are not nearly enough to capture the gorgeous rocks that reside there. Some big white cliffs and formations open into caves and little pools. Inside, you’ll see more of the mesmerizing crystal clear waters.

If you ever find yourself at Kleftiko Beach, go swimming or snorkeling. You might even find several colorful fish during your experience. Be sure to rent a boat in Milos for a smooth experience.

Fyriplaka Beach

This is the second most popular beach in Milos, and rightfully so. A prominent feature of the beach is the gigantic rocky outcrop carved naturally into a narrow cave at the bottom. The milky blue waters are usually filled with swimming tourists who swim in the rocky cave so you’ll be in great company.

Take an Island Tour

Your Milos experience is not complete till you sail around the island. You can book sailboat charters in Greece or go for any Milos boat rental. It's advisable to go with a sailing guide, snorkeling gear, food, and an underwater camera.

As you sail, expect to pass through fishing villages like Klima and beaches like Sarakiniko and Kleftiko, where you can stop by to swim or snorkel alongside colorful fish. Don’t forget to stop by local restaurants for Greek delicacies.

Hit the Water

Kleftiko and its surrounding waters are an awesome place to have a memorable time with your loved ones. Besides exploring the seas in a yacht, bring food on your getaway or hire a chef. To have a truly amazing Milos sailing tour, you can book Greece yacht charters that come with a sea crew.

If you and your friends are looking for a little more excitement, a party on the waters of Milos is the way to go. You can book a Milos catamaran rental or rent a boat Milos and start the sailing cruise from Adamas port to different beaches on the islands. Some important things to take are fishing gear, snorkeling gear, an underwater camera, sunscreen, snacks.

Rent catamaran in Greece and go on a truly amazing kayak tour. Because there are so many seas in Milos, you’ll find a large wealth of aquatic creatures, making kayaking a glorious experience. Motor yacht charters in Greece are also open for rent to cruise the blue waters of Milos.

Check Out Some More Amazing Sites

Paliorema Beach

Paliorema is the most unique of all the beaches on the island. This hard-to-reach location trades trees and umbrellas for old mining tools. However, that hasn’t stopped visitors from turning the place into a fun sight to see, and it shouldn’t stop you either!

Adventure Time in Tsigrado Beach

To get to Tsigrado beach, you can rent a boat Milos or walk to it, although it's complicated. You’ll have to take a car from Adamas to the beach destination. You’ll alternate climbing and walking until you reach the beach.

Cave of Sykia

Sykia cave is one of the biggest caves in Milos. It used to be a closed cave but now has a small entrance accessible only by Milos sailing tour or a rental boat. The stunning cave has an open-top that provides an incredible overhead view.

Making The Trip

Milos is an awesome destination for any tourist looking to have a memorable vacation. Apart from the island’s crystal water and magical charm, there are also many things to learn from Milos’s rich history. Rent sailing tours Milos to amplify your experience even further.

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