Kotor has beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, and amazing places to visit. Read on to discover how to enjoy your visit best!

The ultimate guide to sailing Kotor

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beaches or eager to go sailing, Kotor has something for you!

The municipality of Kotor is located at Boka Kotorska bay, in Montenegro. Its old town is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site, which already gives it a must-visit status. The bay in Kotor is renowned as the deepest natural fjord in the Mediterranean, and you can rent a boat in Montenegro to explore its spectacular scenery.

The city has four Gates - the Main Gate, the North Gate, the South Gate, and New Gate. Visitors love Kotor yacht rentals during vacations because of its quiet and intimate location.

Getting Around Kotor

Before you rent a boat in Kotor to explore the water, check out what the town has in store for you: since Kotor is a small island, every part of it is accessible within walking distance, and once you enter the old town through any of the three gates, you come across narrow lanes between stone houses.

Kotor has magnificent churches scattered all around. St Tryphon's Cathedral, located in Old Town, is a medieval church featuring Romanesque-Gothic architecture. It holds the remains of St. Tryphon, the patron saint of Kotor. St Nicholas Church is the biggest Orthodox church in Kotor, and is well worth a visit. The Maritime Museum can also be found in Old Town. The museum displays photographs, uniforms, weapons, paintings, and model ships centered around the history of Kotor.

The Castle of San Giovanni is an abandoned castle and one of the highest points in Kotor. The castle offers spectacular views of Oldtown and the Bay of Kotor with yacht charters in Kotor.

There are many hilltop fortifications for adventure lovers, with the central fortification in Old Town stretching 4.5 km directly above the city. If you can climb all 1350 steps to the top of the cliffs, you get a splendid view of Kotor bay and sailboat charters in Kotor, Montenegro sailing there.

In the bay, you will see the twin islands of Sveti Djordje and Gospa od Skrpjela. They are accessible by boat, so make sure you rent a boat in Kotor to check them out. These Kotor sailboat rental boats are just outside the old town main gate.

Eating and Shopping in Kotor

The Old town has many boutiques lined around its narrow streets. You can shop for exotic gifts and souvenirs to take back home with you. There is also an open market outside the old town. Here, you can get supplies like fresh vegetables, fruits, and so on.

When you visit the market, try the local smoked ham (njeguški pršut) and cheese (njeguški sir). There are also many classy restaurants in Kotor, offering various fresh seafood and national cuisines. You can order fast food, pizzas, barbecue, and more. The market outside the town also sells snacks and hamburgers.

Beaches in Kotor

Sailing Kotor, Montenegro, can be such a rewarding experience for visitors if you know where to look. Let’s see what are some of the best beaches to explore in your Kotor boat rentals.

Along the Budva Riviera, you will see the twin beaches of Mogren. each stretching over 400 meters, and connected by a cave tunnel within walking distance. The beach is a peaceful getaway from the busy bay, so get the catamaran rentals in Montenegro to explore them.

Jaz beach is another fine beach along Montenegro's Budva Riviera. It is not far from Budva and has something for every visitor. You can sunbathe on the sand and relax, dive in the blue Adriatic Sea, go fishing or just sail in the Montenegro sailboat charters available upon request.

The islet of Sveti Stefan goes along the Adriatic coast. It has a spectacular coastline and breathtaking backdrop of oceans and waves. The water is crystal clear and has a shade of turquoise, and it’s surrounded by pine trees and mountains. All these make renting party boats in Kotor to this beach well worth it.

Kamenovo Beach is located near the bay on the Adriatic Sea. It features lush vegetation and sand pebbles. There is space for lounging and sunbathing, including volleyball courts, showers, changing rooms, and a playground for the kids. There is also a beach bar, restaurants, music, live bands, and much more; take the boat rentals in Kotor to see all of it in Kamenovo.

Hire a boat in Kotor, Montenegro, to the famous Bečići Beach, which has a perfectly balanced aura of fun and relaxation.

Nearby Tivat is a beloved tourist destination because of its beautiful beaches. Tourists in their Tivat boat rental enjoy swimming and participating in water sports like skiing, sailing, and canoeing, among other perks. The beaches feature sunny and airy promenades, with warm sun all day long. The Tivat Riviera has several nicely arranged beaches to explore in your Tivat catamaran charters. Amenities include beach bars, terraces, restaurants, mini vacation areas, playgrounds, and much more.

The Plavi Horizonti beach is the most attractive and scenic beach on the Montenegrin coast. Its stunning backdrop features plateaus on the rocks, which shelter the beach from the winds. There are also parks and a pine forest, ideal for camping. The water is lovely, and available sailboat rentals in Tivat take you on a tour of the coast.

Rent a boat in Herceg Novi to The Mud Beach Igalo in Sutorina. This public beach is the largest in the area, with a notable sandy build. The beach is perfect for family vacations, with a playground, deck chairs, a restaurant, and lots of fun amenities.

Begin your adventure to Kotor

There is much fun to be found in Kotor. This lovely little town in Montenegro has something in store for you, whether you’re travelling alone or with your family. Explore the beauty of Montenegro in this charming little town, and we guarantee you will want to go back again.

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