Montenegro offers an enchanting coastline in addition to several beach strips, sailing spots, and breathtaking views. This guide takes you through every one of them!

Location Guide to Sailing in Montenegro

There’s a simple reason tourists love coming back to Montenegro. Read on to discover all the spectacular things that await you!

Montenegro, a Balkan country, is characterized by its wholesome Adriatic coastline, bays, and narrow beach strips. These, coupled with the country's glacial lakes and river canyons, make sailing Montenegro a pretty intriguing adventure. For this reason, many tourists rent a boat in Montenegro to begin their exhilarating tour of the city.

This holiday location with 14 islands lies in a beautiful mountainous region of the Mediterranean sea. This area can be sailed within seven days, so getting a catamaran from the catamaran rentals in Montenegro provides a slow and satisfying ride on the waters. In this guide, you’ll discover the most incredible areas to hit when visiting this country.

Explore Montenegro’s Beaches

There are 14 islands along the coastal area in the southwestern part of Montenegro. These islands, in addition to the gigantic bay of Boka Kotorska, make the area ideal for sailing. So begin your visit by visiting yacht charters in Montenegro to get the perfect vessel for your adventure.

If boats are more your speed, rent a boat in Montenegro; you’ll need it to explore any one of the 120 other beaches scattered around the Montenegro area.

Mongren Beach is a hotspot because of its cliff shelter and proximity to the old town of Budva. Look out for the picturesque landscape, hiking trails, and, of course, sailing opportunities for your Montenegro sailboat charters.

There’s also Jaz Beach which is equally beautiful and accessible by Montenegro boat rentals. It’s a clean pebbly beach surrounded by flora and ideal spots for water sports.

Another popular beach in Montenegro is Sveti Stefan Beach. It is world renowned, having been visited by celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, among many more. The beach lives up to its reputation with a stunning view, clean, clear water, and lots of luxurious amenities.

Becici Beach is connected to Budva through a tunnel, and it’s not a beach you want to miss. It is spacious, with a calm aura that’s great for relaxation, and is also an excellent place to get boat rentals in Montenegro and go kayaking or surfing.

Finally, Dobrec beach is hidden enough to offer a quiet escape from the rest of this amazing country. Located in Herceg Novi, it is accessible through Montenegro sailboat rental services and houses excellent restaurants, relaxation spots, and a beautiful view of the clear blue ocean.

Explore Nearby Attractions

The bay of Kotor is an excellent starting point for your holiday in Montenegro. You could rent a boat in Kotor to sail around, enjoying views of its ancient settlements and snow capped peaks. The town is particularly well-preserved and an interesting place to see. Look out for beautiful landmarks, such as the Marina Kotor, one of the largest marinas in the gulf. You also have to check out the Infamous Bay of Kotor, ranked as one of the most stunning bays in the world.

If you crave a little adventure, consider picking one of the party boats in Kotor and throwing a small party for you and your friends. While traveling down this Adriatic coast, you could also drop by the villages of Bigova and Petrovac, both characterized by sheltered bays and amazing places to rent a boat. Also, you could stop to see the picturesque old marina towns of Budva and Bar.

Many visitors also love to travel to Herceg Novi, a beautiful coastal town with lots of amazing beaches. You can rent a boat in Herceg Novi from there to enjoy a lasting view of this 14th-century town from several angles. Sailing through the city offers a nice view of the historic buildings in the old city full of small related squares of narrow streets and stairs.

A visit to Porto Montenegro is a sure way to boost your holiday experience. The Porto Montenegro is a luxury marina in Tivat, a unique state-of-the-art marina in the Adriatic sea. Picking a rental from the sailboat rentals in Tivat sets you up for this adventure.

The Porto Montenegro also provides a glimpse of a yacht club, excellent restaurants, and an ever-open yacht assist expert affiliated with the Tivat boat rental. A tour of the marina in a rental allows you to enjoy your favorite champagne during the cruise.

On the other hand, if you’d rather go for the slower, but more detailed excursion, the Tivat catamaran charters are your best pick. This choice allows you to swim in the crystalline waters and enjoy the unforgettable experience of visiting the nearby blue cave.

Montenegro is a Country to Remember

To enjoy your sailing vacation, it is essential to hire a boat in Montenegro, and depending on your preferences, you could go for Montenegro yacht rentals or sailboat charters in Montenegro. Either way, Montenegro's cultural sites and aesthetic landmarks are a must-see from the water.

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