Considering a Kavala sailing trip? Here’s the only tour guide you need for an amazing visit!

The ultimate guide to sailing in Kavala

Here’s why so many tourists love to visit Kavala. Experience the best that this Greek city has to offer through this guide!

Kavala, a city in Northern Greece, is renowned for its fishing spots, water sports, sailing programs, and coastal landscape. Sailing Kavala, Greece, is one adventure you should look forward to on your visit, especially if you’re eager to experience the city’s majestic outline. Therefore, opting to rent a boat in Kavala, Greece, is a perfect way to kick off a fantastic vacation in the city.

We highly recommend day trips and tours on the water while you’re there. Get Kavala boat rentals to explore the water and take in all that Kavala has to offer. Read on to discover all the best fun activities and spots in this city, and what to expect during your trip.

Go Sailing in the Best Spots in Kavala

It’s a good idea to begin your short voyage from the bay and flow down to the Island of Thasos. For the best experience, consider hiring a yacht from the. Greece yacht charters. Take the ride through Papalimani, and glide along Marble beach and Pachis beach. You can opt to get off the boat and admire the greenery and nature for a bit here.

Or, you could sail a little further to the peaceful and magnificent Limenas beach where even more spectacular sights await you. As long as you have access to Kavala yacht rentals, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Next, explore the expanse between Kavala and Thassos through the beach of Tripiti. Any motor yacht charters in Greece will take you through Klisma and Kefalas beach, two sandy beaches perfect for relaxing during the trip.

Additionally, you could rent Catamaran in Greece to go on a private day trip around the luscious beaches of the city. Your catamaran should take you through Iraklitsa to Snake Island, where you spend a full day by the sea, swimming in the clearest waters and tasting the Greek meze. The beauty of the full-day trip is that you can take in the sights at your own pace.

Visiting the Nearby Cities and Islands

A visit to Kavala isn’t really complete without checking out nearby cities and islands. Places like Paros, Zakynthos, and Athens offer remarkable experiences that you have to check out.

First, you could travel 855 km to Paros where a Paros yacht charter will allow you to enjoy the Iraklia and Schinoussa sailing cruise. There are also regularly scheduled trips to the Koufonisia islands and the Small Cyclades that will provide an amazing experience for you and your family.

Next, slide into Zakynthos, 720 km from Kavala, and hire a yacht from the Zakynthos yacht rentals. With this option, you can explore the location, visit Shipwreck Beach, swim with turtles, and even find great beaches to relax and play on. You can also pass Rhodes to watch and/or participate in their excellent watersports. A quick visit to the yacht rentals in Rhodes arms you with what you need.

Athens is another magnificent location to spice up your visit to Kavala. The capital of Greece offers adventurous boat tours and water sports. You can enjoy sea kayaking, white water rafting, and scuba diving. Don’t worry - if you’re looking for a more peaceful experience, Athens offers that as well: get yacht charters in Athens and explore the quiet but scenic spots.

Don’t Forget Ios, Spetses, and Chania

If you’re up for some more adventure, check out these other cities: for example, yacht charters in Ios, Greece can introduce you to an entirely new experience that you can’t get in Kavala. There, you can look forward to speedboat tours, lots of fishing, and underwater sports.

Additionally, you could rent a boat in Spetses for private cruises. Or, wrap up your vacation by dropping by Chania. The traditional boat cruise in a ride from the Chania boat rentals is enough to close your holiday on an excellent note. The paddleboarding, island exploration, guided snorkeling, and sunset boat cruises make sure you do not forget this city in a rush.

Savoring Your Trip

While planning your Kavala trip, remember to hire a boat in Kavala; it can easily increase your experience by many folds. However, if you crave a slower, more adventurous ride, a Kavala sailboat rental offer can also give you the experience.  These sailboat charters in Greece offer a first-hand experience of the city’s looming magnificence.

If you love luxury, boat rentals in Kavala might not be up to your speed. Instead, opt for yacht charters in Kavala, where you can relax on the deck as you sail around and enjoy the beautiful city.

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