The Dominican Republic

There are many things to love when do sailing in the Dominican Republic!

The ultimate Dominican Republic sailing guide

Your guide to the luxury resorts and other notable attractions in the Dominican Republic by a sailboat charter.

The Dominican Republic is located east of the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. It is famous for its white sand beaches, mountainous regions, rugged highlands, and the oldest European city in the Americas.

The island has a tropical maritime climate with seasonal rainfall. However, it lies at the center of the hurricane belt, so expect to see severe storms from June to October, and occasional flooding and droughts. Nonetheless, its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and wonderful landscape make sailing the Dominican Republic a memorable tourist experience.

Getting to the island can be done by boat via a sailboat charter in the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico to Santo Domingo. The journey usually takes about 12 hours.

Notable regions to set sail by sailboat charter in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is divided into several regions, including:

Greater Santo Domingo

This is the main cosmopolitan capital of the island and is famed for its surrounding beaches.

Eastern Dominican Republic

The home of hospitality, boasting the hotels of Bavaro and Punta Cana, and the resorts of Casa de Campo and Cap Cana.

Eastern Cibao

This is a beautiful bay on the island and a perfect location for a scenic yacht rental in the Dominican Republic tour.

Western Cibao

This is the second largest city on the island, known for its high mountains and beaches.

Southern Dominican Republic

This area is largely secluded and untouched by tourism, with natural landscapes and wildlife.

Exploring the Dominican Republic

There are lots of wonderful places to visit during your trip to the Dominican Republic. Here are some of the best tourist hotspots:

Take a hike at La Plaza

The beautiful province of Barahona is one of the best hiking trails on the island, right along the jungle. The trail is surrounded by blue water pools and rocks, where you can also sail in a boat rental in the Dominican Republic if you want.

Both parts of the hike (La Plaza and La Cueva) are well worth it, with several gems along the way. You have to be careful, though, as the road is unpaved, and you need to climb over rocks, crawl and slide under vegetation, and leap through the jungle. It is the ultimate adventure for daring hikers.

Stunning views over Los Patos Beach

Stop by the River restaurant for a fresh seafood meal and a beautiful view over Los Patos Beach. The restaurant serves delicious seafood and local drinks, with scenic views of the wider ocean and tourists sailing in their catamaran rental in the Dominican Republic.

Take a detour at Los Pozos de Romeo

Los Pozos de Romeo is a gorgeous pool with crystal clear water surrounded by rocks and cacti fauna. It is a perfect place for a detour and a relaxing retreat from your touring activities.

Visit the Laguna de Oviedo

The Laguna de Oviedo is a saltwater lake known for its guided boat tours through the numerous islands filled with unique caves, exotic cacti fruits, tropical birds, and iguanas.

Arroyo Salado

This natural pool is close to Laguna de Oviedo, and it’s surrounded by mangroves and marine life.

Visit the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve

The Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve is an untouched subtropical forest on the lowlands, complete with freshwater lagoons, a zoo, and an iguana reserve. The forest trails stretch over 1,500 acres, with stunning gardens filled with over 100 birds. You can go horseback riding, bird watching, do wildlife tours, and boating trips in a yacht charter in the Dominican Republic.

The best beaches in the Dominican Republic

Now, let us explore the top beaches to sail on a private boat charter in the Dominican Republic.

Cayo Levantado

This beautiful island is the perfect place to relax, and it has three private beaches to choose from. Take a yacht rental in the Dominican Republic to explore its remote soft-sand beaches, shallow turquoise waters, and luxury resorts.

Bávaro Beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is one of the island’s most popular beach resort destinations, with tourists and families flocking to relax at the white-sand beaches and resorts.

Bávaro Beach, located to the north, is the most beautiful beach in Punta Cana, and the perfect location to sail on yacht rentals in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Its calm waters have a turquoise hue and are perfect for swimming and parasailing in the Caribbean sailing charters. There are also lots of resorts and entertainment spots all over the beach.

Playa Dorada

If you are looking for the perfect party resort, sail on party boat rentals in the Dominican Republic to Playa Dorada on the Amber Coast. This is Puerto Plata's primary resort beach, filled with golden sand, stunning mountain scenery, palm trees, and clear turquoise waters.

Playa Dorada still maintains a natural feeling environment, with natural pools and excellent restaurants.

Kite Beach, Cabarete

This is another great location to explore in bareboat charters in the Dominican Republic. It is well-known in the Caribbean, especially when it comes to water sports such as kitesurfing. This action-packed beach hosts the annual Master of the Ocean championship for watersports every February. Competitions include kiteboarding, windsurfing, paddle surfing, and surfing.

This friendly beach also offers lessons to tourists interested in participating in the competitions. Take the Caribbean catamaran charters to Kite Beach if you want some fun and adventure in the Dominican Republic.

Las Galeras

This location is an undiscovered gem in the Dominican Republic and one of the best to go sailing in the Caribbean luxury yacht charters. This beautiful beach is graced by huge coconut palms, with shallow water that radiates turquoise, green, and blue shades. It is also located in the charming little town of Las Galeras, with a few beachside vendors available to rent you chairs and some picnic gear.

Check out the nearby Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are three islands grouped into different political jurisdictions:

  • — The Virgin Islands or the British Virgin Islands, an overseas territory of Britain
  • — Virgin Islands of the United States, part of the United States
  • — The Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico, also an unincorporated territory of the United States

Salt Pond Beach, St. John, USVI

Rent a yacht in the US Virgin Islands to this shallow water beach with a crescent-shaped bay. Its features include a beautiful white-sand beach, warm sun, and calm, cool breeze. This protected cove offers excellent swimming, stunning rocks to explore, and diverse marine life like seagrass beds, sea turtles, stingrays, and hermit crabs. There are also hiking and sightseeing trails along the beach.

Cane Garden Bay Beach, Tortola, BVI

Sail on a luxury yacht charter in the BVI (British Virgin Islands), to Cane Garden Bay Beach. This popular beach has a sheltered setting, clear blue water, tall palms, and relaxing beach bars.


The Dominican Republic is a true marvel for tourists who want to experience the fun and natural side of the Caribbean.

We have explored the top attractions and beaches on these islands, with many ranking as top tourist destinations globally. Plan your visit to the Dominican Republic today, either alone or with your family, and experience a memorable Caribbean holiday you will cherish for a lifetime.

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