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History, culture, beautiful waters, a modern life mixed with the old and much more on USVI

The US Virgin Islands or USVI is the Caribbean and American culture rolled into one. You will find McDonalds next to local restaurants serving pate and boiled fish. Turn on the radio and bask in the mix of calypso music, reggae, American pop, salsa, blues, rock and roll and so many others played side by side.

The locales are largely Caribbean people whose ancestors were Africans and Europeans. You will also find Hispanics and native Europeans scattered all over the mind, making it a true melting pot for all cultures and peoples.

Arriving in USVI and Some things to keep in mind

The USVI is an archipelago comprising hundreds of small islands and cays. It is located in the Lesser Antilles, between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and its largest territories are St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John. Because of its many beautiful water bodies, one of the first things to get is a USVI catamaran charter. You can book down various USVI boat charters beforehand.

USVI is a United States territory, so if you are traveling to the USVI as a U.S. citizen, you do not require a passport. Entry requirements for non-U.S. citizens are the same as for entering the United States from any foreign destination.

If you want to take Caribbean Yacht charters experience and arrive by private yacht, you need a valid US visa, which must be obtained in advance of arrival. You can rent a yacht St Thomas very easily and conveniently, and you will arrive at Port Charlotte, St Thomas.

St Thomas is the most developed and gets busy with cruise-ship traffic due to sailing virgin islands. Make sure to get St Thomas catamaran charters beforehand to save you the stress due to its very busy nature.

Several enclaves exist for cruisers such as Crown Bay Marina which you can explore through boat rentals in St Thomas. Boat rentals in St John can take you on a tour of its famous Elephant Bay.

Top destinations to explore and fun things to do in USVI

St. Croix is the largest of the three islands. Top attractions include the historic Christiansted, as well as the sugar plantations, gardens, and coastal scenery on the Heritage Trail. It is also home to beautiful Buck Island Reef, the nation's first underwater monument and with a US Virgin Islands sailboat charter, you can get USVI sailboat charters to explore the reef.

The reef features one of the best dive sites in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are also protected beaches and private USVI catamaran charters are the best ways to explore them.

St. John is an oasis heaven, with fun activities like Hiking, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and kayaking, are popular things to do there. It features some of the best catamaran rentals in virgin islands and there are many sailboat charters in St John, USVI to enable you to take part in the fun. If you are up for it, and prefer to move with your friends, get a US virgin islands bareboat charter to give you the full DIY experience.

Visit the National Park

Virgin Islands National park in St John attracts more than one million visitors each year, making it the single largest tourist attraction in the entire archipelago.

The park's waters are excellent for swimming, diving, and snorkeling. Get one of the many St John Boat rentals to explore Watermelon Cay, Maho Bay, Caneel Bay, and Cinnamon Bay.

Cruz Bay is where the fun happens in St. John. The small town is nicknamed "Love City". It is filled with over 3,000 locals and round the clock festive activities. Use one of the St John Boat rentals to get to the Bay from anywhere on the USVI.

Many options for shopping and dining can be found there and if you are up for USVI sailing, the town is a launching point for excursions to Virgin Islands National Park.

Check out the Bays

Trunk Bay has lovely sand and turquoise water and is the most photographed beach on St. John. This is also one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and if you are up for an adventure, hire St John Catamaran Charters to explore the bay.

There is also Megan’s Bay in St Thomas. Fringed by green hills and coconut palms, Magens Bay is easily one of the world's most beautiful beaches. St Thomas sailboat charters will give you the opportunity to tour the typically calm seas excellent for snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports.

The popular Port Charlotte Amalie, named after a Danish Queen, is the capital of the USVI. It is one of the most popular cruise ports in the Caribbean and apart from many restaurants and entertainment options, Charlotte Amalie also offers the largest number of boutiques and spots for many fun activities. Getting a virgin islands sailboat charter while you are there is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

At Coral World Ocean Park, you can find an interactive marine experience suitable for everyone. You and your buddies can get a St Thomas sailboat charter or look around for St Thomas catamaran rentals near there.

If you're looking for some sand and sea without the crowds, head to Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge features a two-mile stretch of dazzling white sand and turquoise sea and many options for USVI sailing charters.

The bottom line

The USVI is a true melting pot; of nationalities, peoples, cultures, religions, lifestyles and nature. Explore history, amazing diversity, fun laid-back culture all rolled into one. If you want to do all the exploring alone, get a USVI bareboat charter with your friends, or if you are more into the tour guide experience, then look for catamaran charters virgin islands.

USVI offers the best spots for day trips and excursions with the family featuring exclusive US virgin islands catamaran charter.

If you love nature, rent catamaran US virgin islands and get an experience nature lovers will treasure for a lifetime.

Up for historical attractions? Check out Elaine Ione Sprauve Library & Museum, housed in a restored plantation great house, or Blackbeard's Castle, a National Historic Landmark. There is the serene St. Thomas Synagogue, famous for its sand floor and Fort Christian, the island's oldest structure. Whoever you are, there is always something for you in the USVI.

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