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Sailing in Mexico

When we think of sailing in Mexico, we immediately think of the vast potential for exploration, discovery, and adventure. From the wide expanse of the Mexican Gulf on one side, to the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California on the other, the choice for boating lovers is endless.

From the wide expanse of the Mexican Gulf on one side, to the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of California on the other, the choice for boating lovers is endless. The perfect sailing conditions in Mexico continue to attract sailors, tourists, and holidaymakers year after year, during every season, especially in areas such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, and Puerto Vallarta. There is always sunshine to be found, no matter where you take your yacht charter in Mexico, and every harbor offers new sights and cultures to enjoy.

A Trio of Oceans

Mexico is surrounded by three different oceans, all of which have their own distinct personality and characteristics in the explorer’s imagination. Its curved east coast is bordered by the large ocean basin of the Gulf of Mexico, which is part of the Atlantic Ocean.
The Gulf of Mexico also borders the US southeast coast, making the east coast of this popular sailing destination accessible by boat from locations such as Florida and Texas. This ocean is rich with biodiversity including seabirds, fish, dolphins, whales, and sea turtles.

To the west, we have the Gulf of California, which separates the Baja California Peninsula from the Mexican mainland, and spills into the Pacific Ocean. The Gulf of California stretches for over 900 miles, and offers sailors a completely different experience to sailing on the east coast of Mexico. The marine life along the Baja Peninsula makes this area of the Mexican coast the most important fisheries region in Mexico, and the perfect place to arrange a boat rental. The remainder of the west coast is bordered by the Pacific Ocean - the planet’s largest body of water, therefore offering plentiful sailing opportunities on this side of Mexico.

Top Sailing Destination

Mexico is one of the world’s top boating destinations. Its popularity is undisputed, and evident from the vast amounts of harbors which dot the coastline, and the vast number of tourists who visit the country every year. Due to its proximity to the United States, Mexico is the ideal vacation destination for residents from all over the US - not just from the Southeast coast of Florida! It is estimated that nearly 40 million tourists now visit Mexico each year, with a vast majority flocking to the numerous beaches and sparkling coastlines to escape the harsher climates.

Sailing in Mexico is one of the most popular activities when visiting the country. A great variety of sailboat charters and yacht rentals are available in every major coastal town, and tourists never have to search far for the perfect boat to rent for a day or for a week. Some of the most popular states for boat rentals in Mexico are Oaxaca, Yucatan, Baja California Sur, and Nayarit.

Where the Sun Always Shines

It’s no secret that Mexico enjoys year-round sunshine. Because the country is so huge, and its coastline so spread out, there will always be a climate to suit your holiday and sailing needs at any time of the year. Whether you thrive in the humidity, or prefer basking on your catamaran in the dry heat, you can organise a boat hire in Mexico in line with numerous seasons and across various regions. One thing’s for certain - you won’t find yourself stuck on a cloudy ocean at any moment while sailing Mexico on your Sailo private yacht charter.

Between September and April, Mexico experiences close to no rainfall, with the rainy season usually starting in May. Depending on your preferences, you can sail during winter in the Sea of Cortez, where the waters and air are not tropical, and offer a less balmy sailing experience; or, you can head south to Puerto Vallarta from Mazatlan, and enjoy consistent tropical warmth. The prime season for cruises usually lasts from November to June, and the conditions will never be chilly! While the Pacific Coast of Baja experiences some strong winds at various times of the year, overall the sailing winds in Mexico are light and easy to navigate on your Sailo private yacht charter.

Stunning Coastal Towns

The variety of towns, harbors, and coastal states are unparalleled in their suitability for sailing. To the west, El Cid, Mazalan, is famous for its stretching coastline and bustling marina, while Baja and the Sea of Cortez are filled with well-known spots for La Paz boat charters and Cabo San Lucas yacht rentals. To the east, Cancun yacht rentals and Veracruz boat charters are popular spots to harbor in Mexico, whether you are a party-lover or want to explore historical landmarks.

Other seaports worth visiting as part of your Mexico boat rental trips include the Port of Ensenada and the Port of Altamira. And let’s not forget the magical coastal destinations such as Tulum, Puerto Vallarta yacht charters, and Puerto Escondido, which all offer different activities and cultural attractions to suit every boat charter on a sailing itinerary in Mexico.

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