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Choose the Best Yacht Charter in Mexico for You

Welcome to  one of the world's top sailing destinations, with an unquestionable popularity among boating enthusiasts, whether experienced or beginners! A sailing day or even a week-long adventure on a yacht charter in Mexico is something you should not miss when visiting this part of the world. Although it is estimated that close to 40 mil tourists now visit this boating paradise each year, how about you being the one that escapes the crowds flocking to the most famous coastal resorts and experience this nautical paradise in your own special way, on a private boat rental from Sailo?

On Sailo you will find plenty of choice for sailboats and yacht charters available in the main coastal towns. You don’t need to search far for the perfect boat to rent for a day or for a week - browse our inventory, choose the one you like, book in minutes and you’re set to go. Some of the most popular states for a private yacht charter in Mexico are Oaxaca, Yucatan, Baja California Sur, and Nayarit.


Sailo Boat Rentals Locations  

Keep in mind that this is a big country, with plenty of sailing havens located both on the Gulf of Mexico the Pacific ocean.  We offer boat rentals in Baja California Sur, with classic vacation destinations like La Paz and Cabo San Lucas, Cancun in the Yucatan peninsula and Puerto Vallarta on the west coast. 

Now’s the time to book the experience of your dreams on a yacht charter in Mexico!