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La Paz Boat Rentals & Yacht Charters, Mexico


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Rent a Yacht Charter in La Paz, Mexico with Sailo!

Looking for La Paz boat rental? Hola from La Paz sailing paradise in Mexico! As the capital of Baja California Sur, this place is hardly a hidden gem. But that’s because it’s such a must-see destination that every traveler has got to add it to their bucket list. This tropical paradise is the perfect location for a sailing vacation since there’s so much to do by land and sea. Keep reading to discover more about this wonderful place and how to have the perfect sailing trip. 

Why saiiling La Paz, Mexico?

La Paz has to be one of our favorite locations in all of North America. With its close proximity to other amazing cities in Mexico, stunning beaches, rich culture and history, and plenty of things to do year-round, this place is a fantastic vacation destination even if you didn’t plan on sailing. But it’s also a wonderful place to try boating, whether you’re new to sailing or you have plenty of experience. And with Sailo, finding a boat has never been easier. 

Find a La Paz Yacht Charter on Sailo

Thanks to Sailo’s easy-to-use, streamlined platform, finding a yacht charter in La Paz is quick and convenient. Our website allows you to filter your search by price, type of boat (such as catamaran rental in Cancun), number of people, travel dates, and moreYou can spend as much time browsing our charters on Sailo, or you can quickly and easily find the exact type of boat rental you are looking for, if you already have something in mind.

Why book a week-long La Paz boat rental?

Even though La Paz is a great destination in Baja California for a weekend getaway, it’s best explored for multiple days to a week. And a weekly La Paz boat rental will give you plenty of time to explore not only this city but also the surrounding area. 

Another reason to book a weekly La Paz yacht charter on Sailo is that it gives you the ability to reserve for free. For rentals of one week or more, you have the option to reserve your boat for up to 24 hours without using a credit card, giving you the ability to spend some time making sure the boat is right for you before you make your payment. This means that within 24 hours, you can reserve a yacht charter in La Paz and cancel the reservation if it isn’t the right choice for your vacation. 

You can also message the boat owner when you are deciding on your La Paz boat rental. The boat representative will be able to answer your questions about the charter as well as offer their tips for sailing La Paz, and they can even offer any add-on options if they are available, such as transportation to and from the port.

One week itinerary

To help offer you some ideas for some places to explore on your vacation, here is a sample one-week itinerary for sailing in Mexico from La Paz. 

Start off your vacation in beautiful La Paz. We suggest spending a couple of days exploring the area before you set sail. This way, you can experience the promenade, the stunning beaches, the local scenery, and more. Then, make your way to the port because it’s time to set sail!

From La Paz, set course for the turquoise waters and rocky cliffs of Isla Partida. Next, sail northwest for the small islands of Los Islotes to see the gorgeous sea lion habitat and stunning tropical fish as you make your way to San Evaristo, your stop for the night. Over the next several days, you will sail to multiple islands in the area: the bay of Isla San Francisco for sunbathing and snorkeling, the mangroves and lagoon of Isla San Jose for kayaking and birdwatching, the beautiful beaches of Isla Espiritu, and the perfect setting for hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking at Puerto Balandra. Finally, set course for La Paz, where you can rest up for a night or two before flying back home. 

Also you can try La Paz fishing charters to get a great fishing experience in Mexico.

No matter if you want a relaxing beachside vacation or something more adventurous, La Paz and the rest of Mexico truly have so much to offer. Your La Paz yacht charter awaits you — set sail for stunning Baja California and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

Other popular Mexico sailing locations

Sailing Mexico by a yacht charter is one of our favorite destinations. Whether you’re booking a weekend getaway or you want to spend a whole week sailing the Pacific, there is so much to do and see that you’ll want to visit again and again. In addition to beautiful La Paz, we recommend checking out Cancun yacht rentals and Puerto Vallarta boat charters for even more adventures.

Popular boat rentals in Mexico

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Your yacht charter in Mexico awaits! This tropical paradise is calling your name.